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Renaissance SteelGun TargetsRenaissance Steel Research
Ready Ship Target
Justin DyalJanuary
SRM ArmsShotgunsSRM Arms 1216 ShotgunDenny HansenJanuary
Mad Dog KnivesHandgunsCutaway Instructional FirearmDenny HansenJanuary
Smith & WessonHandgunsRunning Double-Action
Kevin McPhersonJanuary
GemtechSuppressorsStraight Scoop on SuppressorsJeff HallJanuary
Century International ArmsRiflesCentury International Arms
Robert CampbellJanuary
Salted EarthFirearms TrainingSalted Earth ATLAS-08
Dry-Fire Training System
Eugene NielsenJanuary
Cabot GunsHandgunsCabot Guns Vintage Classic
Bob PilgrimFebruary
GarandRiflesSouth Korea’s GarandsGary Paul JohnstonFebruary
BCMHandgunsBravo Company Mfg Recce-9
KMR-A Pistol
Justin DyalFebruary
RugerHandgunsFour New Ruger PistolsDenny HansenFebruary
MossbergRiflesScout Rifle RoundupDenny HansenFebruary
HavocBarrelsCry Havoc Tactical
Quick-Change Rifle Barrel
Gary Paul JohnstonMarch
BushmasterRifles.450 Bushmaster Ruger
American Ranch Rifle
Denny HansenMarch
BerettaHandgunsBeretta 71Justin DyalMarch
BrowningAmmunitionBrowning AmmunitionWill Dabbs, M.D.March
High Threat ConcealmentConcealed CarryHigh Threat Concealment Low
Profile System
Todd BurgreenMarch
Dead Air ArmamentSuppressorsDead Air Armament Suppressor
and Arsenal SAM7R-65 AK
Eugene NielsenApril
EOTechRed Dot SightEOTech XPS2-300 Red Dot Sight
for .300 BLK
Eugene NielsenApril
CMMGRiflesCMMG MkW ANVIL .458 SOCOMTodd BurgreenApril
GlockHandgunsGlock 19MBob PilgrimApril
Smith & WessonHandguns.41 Magnum: Is the Middle
Magnum Still Viable?
Dick WilliamsApril
DJISurveillanceDrones and Robots in Threat
W. Thomas Smith Jr.April
Wilson CombatCarbinesWilson Combat AR9G 9mm
Andy MassimilianMay
TrijiconSpecial OpsHistory of SOPMOD, Part IJeff GurwitchMay
Alexander ArmsRiflesAlexander Arms Ulfberht
Precision Semiauto Rifle
Todd BurgreenMay
WalkersFirearms AccessoriesWalker’s Razor XV Digital Ear
Eugene NielsenMay
RemingtonPrecision RiflesDIY Sniper SystemWill Dabbs, M.D.May
FLIR SystemsSurveillanceThermal Imaging on
Eugene NielsenMay
Smith & WessonHandgunsSmith & Wesson M&P
M2.0 Pistol
Denny HansenJune
Defense TechnologyTactical LauncherDefense Technology 40mm
Tactical 4-Shot Launcher
Jim Weiss & Mickey DavisJune
Knights ArmamentMilitaryHistory of SOPMOD, Part IIJeff GurwitchJune
IWIRiflesIWI US Galil ACETodd BurgreenJune
Swedish KSubmachine GunsSwedish K Submachine GunWill Dabbs, M.D.June
Bravo Company ManufacturingField TestsAR Dirty Barrel Accuracy
Justin DyalJune
MossbergShotgunsMossberg 590 ShockwaveEugene NielsenJuly
BrowningHandgunsBrowning Black Label PistolsJeff HallJuly
Savage ArmsPrecision RiflesSavage Arms 110 FCP .338
Todd BurgreenJuly
BalorRed Dot SightsBalor Red Dot Mount for
Justin DyalJuly
BergaraRiflesBergara LRP Elite Bolt-Action
Todd BurgreenJuly
Smith & WessonHandgunsSmith & Wesson 945 ReduxBob PilgrimJuly
RobarCarbinesIn Search of the Lightweight
Ned ChristiansenJuly
SIG SauerHandgunsSIG Sauer TACOPS in .357 SIGBob PilgrimJuly
Smith & WessonHandgunsSmith & Wesson .45 RevolversKevin McPhersonAugust
POFSBRPOF-USA RevolutionEugene NielsenAugust
Century International ArmsAmmunitionCentury International Arms
DDupleks Slugs
Robert CampbellAugust
GlockHandgunsGlock G40 Modular Optic
Todd BurgreenAugust
StoegerShotgunsStoeger P350 ShotgunFlint HansenAugust
LionheartHandgunsLionheart LH9NBrian TindleAugust
WinchesterHandgunsSixguns by KeithSteve CollinsSeptember
RobarCarbinesThe Modern CarbineJustin DyalSeptember
Daniel DefenseSuppressorsDaniel Defense DDM4V7S and DD
WAVE Suppressor
Eugene NielsenSeptember
BrownellsHandgunsCustom Job Modernizes
Fighting Pistol
Tom MarshallSeptember
BerettaHandgunsBeretta APXJustin DyalSeptember
SurefireCarbinesSearch for the Perfect
Patrick A. RogersSeptember
Moore Advanced DynamicsCarbinesMoore Advanced Dynamics MAD 9
Todd BurgreenSeptember
ArmaliteRiflesArmaLite AR-10 3-Gun RifleTodd BurgreenOctober
RugerPrecision RiflesRuger Precision Rifle With
Gemtech One Suppressor
David BahdeOctober
Accuracy InternationalPrecision RiflesAccuracy International AT
.308 Precision Rifle
Todd BurgreenOctober
Double StarRiflesDoubleStar ARC 300Denny HansenOctober
BrownellsRiflesTechniques for Camouflaging
Nick PernaOctober
Wilson CombatHandgunsWilson Combat EDC X9 PistolKristen WilliamsNovember
Gear Head WorksHandgunsGear Head Works Tailhook
Pistol Brace
Eugene NielsenNovember
RobarPrecision RiflesROBAR GunsDenny HansenNovember
BerettaHandgunsBeretta PX4 Compact CarryJustin DyalNovember
ColtHandgunsReturn of the Colt CobraGary Paul JohnstonNovember
TriStar ArmsShotgunsTriStar Arms TEC 12
Dual-Action Shotgun
Robert CampbellNovember
DrifireTactical GearFlame-Resistant Tactical
Eugene NielsenDecember
Flint River ArmoryCarbinesFlint River Armory CSA45
Denny HansenDecember
VariousHandgunsLow-Capacity PistolsAaron BrudenellDecember
Primary Weapons SystemsRiflesPrimary Weapons Systems MK116
MOD 2 Long-Stroke
Todd BurgreenDecember
SIG SauerHandgunsSIG Sauer P320 X-FiveBob PilgrimDecember
GlockHandgunsSpecOps GlocksLeroy ThompsonDecember