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THE FIRECLEAN GUN: Three More Years of Testing

Spoiler alert: Test rifle motoring along at just under 10,000 rounds. FIREClean is one of the market leaders in the new wave of high- performance, non-toxic firearm lubricants. In 2016, I wrote about a test where I took a milspec Bravo Company Mfg upper receiver… Read More

KNOCK, KNOCK: Ballistic Breaching with Shotguns

Marines with Special Reaction Team breach entryway using M1014 joint service combat shotgun at Camp Hansen. Through continuous training, team maintains readiness required to respond to wide range of emergencies with speed, proficiency, and effectiveness. Photo: U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Jose D. Lujano… Read More


U.S. Army’s base element for CQB relies on a four-man team. During the height of fighting in Iraq in the mid-2000s, SF found the four-man stack lacking when faced with real close-quarters combat. Photo: courtesy DOD Stacking up—entering a room to conduct close-quarters battle (CQB)—is… Read More

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: Fighting Edge for Women

With home invasions an ongoing threat and police response delayed by distance, practice hiding behind cover, which will stop some penetration of incoming fire. Be prepared for the unexpected both mentally and physically. Play acting room clearance will heighten your… Read More

MENTORING NEW SHOOTERS: Training the Next Generation

Family of shooters enjoy learning safe, responsible use of firearms during family outing. We’ve all seen Internet videos of someone trying a high-powered gun for the first time. Often it ends with an incident of “scope-eye,” a bruised shoulder, dropped weapon, or busted lip. These… Read More