Against All Odds: EDC Trauma Kit Basics

Everyone should carry a med kit. If you have made the choice to responsibly carry a firearm for defense, it’s irresponsible not to have the tools to render aid as well. A med kit should be lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It needs to be convenient to carry on your person. When life is… Read more »

Training and Tactics: I Am the Bullet

I am the bullet—and I have no conscience. You will treat me with respect because, once I leave, you have no control over my actions. Once I’m gone, I will do as I please, governed only by the laws of physics. And the next time you see me, I will have done my work, bringing… Read more »

Street Smarts: Suicide Isn’t Painless

That abrupt query is not our usual attention-grabber meant to draw the reader into a discussion of some technique designed to save your sorry hide. Nope, I’m earnest and serious: Are you thinking about putting a gun in your mouth? Hopefully not a single reader answered in the affirmative, but statistics and experience say probably… Read more »

Frontline Debriefs: Newhall Incident Revisited

Virtually from my first day in the LAPD Academy in 1976, I was instructed in all matters relative to officer safety. Los Angeles was a dangerous place. If the traffic, smog, or femmes fatale didn’t get you, the bad guys certainly would! A seminal event in California was the Newhall Incident. It was undoubtedly the… Read more »

Good Guys Win!: Second Amendment in Action

PIZZA PARLOR DEFENSE It was nearly midnight on a Sunday at the Crownsville, Maryland pizza parlor when the first masked man burst in, pointing a handgun at the owner. As he was demanding money, two more masked accomplices followed him in, likewise brandishing guns. Faced with three drawn guns, the restaurant owner complied, handing over… Read more »

Enemy at the Gate: ATF Reverses “Sig Brace” Rule

Back in 2013, shooters were installing stabilizing braces on AR-15 pistols and other so-called “assault weapon”-based pistols. The best known of these braces was probably SIG Sauer’s “SIG Brace.” The actual originator of the concept, Alex Bosco, after collaborating with SIG Sauer to produce the SIG Brace, formed his own company, SB Tactical, which produces… Read more »

Good Guys Win! Second Amendment in Action

Just after two o’clock in the morning, an Indianapolis, Indiana man was awakened by the sound of breaking glass. He grabbed his handgun and moved to investigate the noise. Arriving in his living room, he saw that a shadowy figure had broken out a side window in his home and was advancing toward him.

Enemy at the Gate: Of Guns and Bananas

In an experiment years ago, five monkeys were confined in an enclosure, in the middle of which stood a stepladder. From the ceiling, and within the monkeys’ reach from the top of the ladder, hung a bunch of bananas. Of course the monkeys wasted little time in making a move for the bananas. Unfortunately for… Read more »

Briefing Room: 2A: Stay in the Fight

When Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, he became the first candidate to win that office with no prior experience in government since Dwight Eisenhower was elected in 1953. But that was not the only historic event that occurred. Other firsts were that following the election, people demonstrated in the… Read more »

Enemy at the Gate: “No Fly, No Buy” Gun Rights Compromise

Gun rights advocates have for a long time been on better terms with the Republican Party than with Democrats. That contrast has recently been rapidly growing sharper. In the past, Democrat politicians, many of whom have significant numbers of gun owners among their constituents, would at least make an effort to appear to be strongly… Read more »