Against All Odds: ESEE Knives Survival Kits

Months ago, I started looking for the best packable survival kit. Searching high and low brought many results, but none of the kits had experience and support behind the design of the products. Most included a basic medical kit or were military surplus kits that had been made 20 years ago and long since expired.

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Street Smarts: Guns and Kids

Now that I’ve officially earned my field commission as a Grandfather First Class, the subject of children and firearms takes on a new importance. Not that firearms safety was ever an afterthought in our house when the kids were young. But now, faced with a whole new generation of concern and worries, I’ve started to

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Frontline Debriefs: Retirement Events

At some point in time, if you hang in there long enough, you may retire from a career in law enforcement, and hopefully it will be with a sense of satisfaction and a degree of accomplishment. Now there are retirements and there are retirements. Some individuals are immensely popular with their colleagues, and the event

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Enemy at the Gate: Ban Devices Never Used in Crimes

Before a madman slaughtered scores of people and wounded hundreds more in Las Vegas last October, “bump-fire” stocks were virtually unknown to people who don’t follow gun issues closely, and not particularly well known among those who do. But that was before such stocks had been used in a horrific mass-murder event. Those days are

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Briefing Room: Slimming Down

Making New Year’s resolutions is an annual tradition, and it’s never too late to start. One of the most common is to lose weight. This is one of my resolutions, though not in the usual way. Let me explain. I have a pretty fair collection of firearms. I shoot all of them occasionally, and don’t

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Good Guys Win! Second Amendment in Action

Since he had a weekday off, the Clearwater, Florida man decided to sleep in Thursday morning. His extra slumber was disturbed around 9:30AM by noises that he ignored at first, assuming they were caused by nearby construction. But it didn’t take long for him to realize the noises were actually coming from someone trying to break into his house.

Training and Tactics: Double Up

Most human organs are provided in pairs. Eyes, ears, arms, lungs, legs and kidneys are all paired, but probably the two most important organs—the brain and the heart—have no backup units. If either of these fails, you’re dog meat. And much like when your heart or brain becomes inoperative, if you are relegated to one-handed

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GOOD GUYS WIN! Second Amendment in Action

The clerk in an Albuquerque convenience store was nervous. A customer had told her he’d just been in an armed robbery at the 7-Eleven down the street and that the robber had gotten away. This is when her Monday evening took a turn for the worse.


During my LAPD Academy days, we were debriefed on historical shootings on the LAPD. On the back lot of Universal Studios, SWAT debriefed us on the most famous ones during our one-day SWAT/Officer Survival training, a day that sadly no longer exists. These lessons sought to explain the history of the department you were joining

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Eye of the Tiger. Whether it’s the theme song of the Rocky movie series, or extracted from William Blake’s immortal poem, it’s essential to the conqueror’s makeup. Without it, sooner or later you will lose the fight—literally and figuratively. Because the time you need it is when you’re on the downslide—on the losing side of

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