Against All Odds: Survival Trees of the Eastern Woodlands

Being able to identify basic trees in wilderness areas you frequent is beneficial for survival. The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a standard unit of energy that is used to measure the amount of thermal energy necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of pure liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit. Wood should be

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Against All Odds: EDC Trauma Kit Basics

Everyone should carry a med kit. If you have made the choice to responsibly carry a firearm for defense, it’s irresponsible not to have the tools to render aid as well. A med kit should be lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It needs to be convenient to carry on your person. When life is

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Against All Odds: Improvised Survival Gear

In every corner of the world that I’ve explored, I’ve found garbage or junk of some sort. Even in places I was sure were considered “pristine wilderness,” there was trash. Finding junk worthy of survival is a practice all its own, but finding it is just the beginning. At the same time, common everyday items can often be turned into survival gear by using a little ingenuity.

Against All Odds: Shomer-Tec Food Procurement Survival Kit

Shomer-Tec prides itself on offering a unique line of military and law enforcement products, along with spy and revenge products. Yes, revenge products. A quick look at their website and the picture becomes clear: they offer some useful stuff plus some possibly gimmicky items. One kit I had been curious about was the Food Procurement Survival Kit, which revolves around two unique dual-action fishhooks that are designed to catch prey and lock them in, preventing them from escaping.

Against All Odds: Garmin Fenix 3 ABC/GPS Watch

For some time, I have either had to put up with a watch that ran slow, or use or make watch bands that separate the watch from my wrist. But with the invention of ABC watches (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass), I started taking a more serious look at digital watches. I didn’t like the watch function being digital any more than I ever had, but the other functionality definitely made up for it.

Against All Odds: Weaponize Your World

Just a small sample of potential improvised weapons, from credit cards and combs to cell phones and keys. Ever since the Bourne movies, a lot of people who don’t understand aggressive conflict have been fascinated with the idea that Jason Bourne could use a pen to fight off an attacker. Although the fight scenes in

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Against All Odds: Chest Seals: Making The Concepts Stick

The tool bag of the tactical medical first responder includes a finite and easily mastered collection of devices. In tactical medicine, each piece requires not just an understanding of how it is applied and for what indication, but also facility of the application while under duress. In order to master care under fire, practice and

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Against All Odds: Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

Sometimes bad things happen in the wilderness, and often the best way to get out of a bad situation is by using an electronic device. Cellular and satellite phones, GPS devices and radios are among the items that come in handy when things go wrong. Along with electronic devices comes the need for electronic power.

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Against All Odds: Survival Bushcraft 101: Knives

Bushcrafting is long-term wilderness living, depending on skills and knowledge. These skills teach a deep respect for nature and make life in the wild not only bearable, but also comfortable. Although other tools are required for bush living, this article will focus primarily on the knife. In the United States, we use the term survival

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