Active Shooter: First Responder or Unwilling Participant?

Sometimes in life, things get a little spooky. I left the house early to attend a new class by Firearms Training Associates (FTA)—Active Shooter II, Counter Terrorism Response—and by the time I got home early that evening, every TV station was filled with news of a car and stabbing attack that had just occurred in

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Training and Tactics: The Feint of Heart

The most effective punch in boxing is the feint. It doesn’t cause physical damage, it doesn’t inflict pain, and it doesn’t dump your opponent onto the canvas. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it leads to confusion in the mind of the other pugilist—and mind control is what wins the fight most of the

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You’re Grounded! Combative Ground Fighting

Millions of good citizens across the U.S. have obtained a concealed-carry permit to carry their firearm on their person to protect themselves if facing life-threatening violence. The firearms, accessories, and training markets have now extended beyond the typical firearms enthusiast and to the everyday American. One of the least discussed elements of self-defense-based training is

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Push, Hold, Act: Gunsite Active Shooter/Terrorist Response Course

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “Run, Hide, Fight,” that’s promoted—in that order—as the correct response to an active shooter. While that might be good advice for some and can be learned by watching videos on YouTube, unfortunately the end result is often Run, Hide, Die.

Offbeat: Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit NOW!

Blue Force Gear has recently expanded the Micro TKN! product line with a new basic medical supply version. It’s designed for EDC by law enforcement professionals, prepared citizens and hunters. It has everything that you need to treat the number one preventative cause of death: extremity hemorrhage.

Offbeat: SFD Responder

If you carry a gun, you should carry a blowout kit. I know, in Hollyweird the good guy puts the bad guy down with one shot, no one else is hurt, and our hero gets the girl. The real world, however, can be messy. You, your loved ones, or an innocent bystander may be injured

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Against All Odds: EDC Trauma Kit Basics

Everyone should carry a med kit. If you have made the choice to responsibly carry a firearm for defense, it’s irresponsible not to have the tools to render aid as well. A med kit should be lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It needs to be convenient to carry on your person. When life is

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Home on the Range: Drills to Maintain Skill Sets

The necessity of constant and consistent handgun practice cannot be overemphasized. These are perishable skill sets that deteriorate with time. Take a 25-year-old fairly athletic male who yearns to be a body builder. He follows the appropriate dietary schedule and works out vigorously. After a year of this intense training, he has attained the physique

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Group Therapy: Get Your Shots Under Control

One of my favorite drills to start a training session is a prone, slow-fire, five- to ten-round group on an NRA B-8 bullseye at 100 yards. First, it checks or confirms that a rifle is still zeroed, as zeroes can drift over time due to a variety of factors including weather changes and impacts to the weapon or sights.

Going Armed: Concealed-Carry Scenario Training

When going through the process of acquiring a firearms carry permit, don’t forget that two of the requisites for the lifestyle are the proper mindset when going armed in public, and the personal resolution required to use the firearm if necessary and justified. It’s not enough just to have the firearm with you. You must

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