Headshot into Sonofagun hostage taker target with Federal 00 Tactical buckshot at seven yards. To be sure of avoiding the hostage, aiming point was slightly left of eye/nose triangle.

LONG GUNS: Mossberg 590A1 Retro Combat Shotgun

I remember buying my first trench shotgun, a Winchester Model 97. A local gun shop specializing in collectible and antique firearms had one showing some battle wear but in sound operable condition. A friend of mine who was an FBI agent and I stopped by the shop. One aspect of the visit that has stayed…

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Spoiler alert: Test rifle motoring along at just under 10,000 rounds.

THE FIRECLEAN GUN: Three More Years of Testing

FIREClean is one of the market leaders in the new wave of high- performance, non-toxic firearm lubricants. In 2016, I wrote about a test where I took a milspec Bravo Company Mfg upper receiver group to 3,000+ rounds on a single lubrication with no cleaning or maintenance over a six- month period (FIRECLEAN: Next Generation…

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Colt version of Aircrewman revolver.

LONG GUNS: US M4 Survival Rifle

When I first became interested in firearms over half a century ago, there weren’t as many gun magazines or gun books as there are now. As a result, I read every article in the American Rifleman and other magazines. I checked out the few books in my local library on guns multiple times. I must…

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Spencer Keepers fires fast pair at target. Note control over recoil. Keepers emphasizes very strong grip.

APPENDIX CARRY: Keepers’ Concealment Triad

It’s been a long time since I was a student in a firearms class. My mavens were from the old school: Military, FBI, Cooper, Chapman, Shaw, Leatham, Rogers, Hackathorn, and Barnhart, although the latter five introduced changes that brought gun training to higher levels. So I thought I was pretty well grounded in the art…

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Member of Egypt’s Unit 777 counterterrorist unit armed with Maadi AK-47. Photo: Egyptian Army

LONG GUNS: Maadi AK-47

For many who weren’t buying semi-auto rifles 35 years ago, it’s hard to imagine that the ubiquitous AK-47 was virtually unobtainable then. For those of us who wanted an AK-type rifle, the earliest choice was the Finnish Valmet M62, a fine AK-based rifle but not really that similar to a Cold War AK-47. For that…

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Four 50-yard double taps fired with Military Collector M4.

LONG GUNS: FN 15 Military Collector M4

I took the vow not to buy any more AR-15s a couple of years ago. I had enough variants to fit any normal shooting/self-defense needs, plus a couple of extras as test beds for optics, illuminators, etc because I write a lot of tactical articles. However, that was all before I received the FN 15…

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First position is High Kneeling shooting over simulated cover.

CHAIR QUAL: Barricade Skills Using a Folding Chair

In many carbine classes, shooters are shown several ways to adapt their long gun to cover to make a mid-range hit. This is often exposure only without a great way to measure or track performance and subsequently carbineros do not sustain those capabilities to a high degree. One of the big reasons for this is…

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Good shot placement is possible at ten yards when bracing Inland .30 Carbine pistol on vehicle window edge.

LONG GUNS: Rifle-Caliber Pistols Without Arm Braces

Last month in this space, I wrote about the trend of using rifle-caliber pistols with arm braces. I pointed out their advantages and tactical uses. In this column, I want to discuss the same type of pistol but without the arm brace. I’ve tested a half dozen of these rifle-caliber pistols, shooting them as if…

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12-gauge Mossberg 590 Shockwave is non-NFA alternative to short-barrel breaching shotguns. Though not considered a shotgun under Federal law, state and local laws may vary.

KNOCK, KNOCK: Ballistic Breaching with Shotguns

Speed is essential in any dynamic entry. Breaching must be both rapid and effective. A variety of methods—mechanical, thermal, explosive, and ballistic—may be employed depending on what is to be breached and the tactical situation. From a military perspective, since combat has migrated toward military operations in urban terrain (MOUT), ballistic-breaching operations have increased. Ballistic…

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