Long Guns: Czech Vz61 Skorpion Machine Pistol

The Czech Skorpion is a hard weapon to assign a purpose. It’s a machine pistol, which means it isn’t really a pistol or a submachine gun, though it’s usually classified with the latter. Although versions were reportedly made in .32 ACP, .380 ACP, 9x18mm Makarov, and 9x19mm (9mm Luger), in years of encountering the Skorpion, I have only seen .32 ACP versions.

Nine Inches of .30-Cal Thumpery: Bravo Company Mfg Recce-9 KMR-A Pistol

I’ve spent most of the year shooting the BCM AR pistol, monkeying with different holds and techniques and generally seeing what the gun could do. I compared it head-to-head with a new, box-stock Glock 17 across pages of pistol drills. I stretched it out to carbine applications and compared it to a ROBAR PolymAR-15L I’ve been running. After a healthy pile of brass and a stack of data, I’ve got some idea of what it will and won’t do.

Subgun Smackdown: SIG MPX vs. Zenith Z-5 MP5

The submachine gun was birthed in the blood and filth of World War I as a compact combat tool optimized for trench clearing. Typical infantry rifles were cumbersome bolt-action monsters that could reach out past a kilometer and serve double duty as a proper pike with a bayonet attached. But when the engagement distance was close enough to smell what your opponent had for breakfast that morning, something handier and faster was needed.

Freedom of Choice: M4 or MP5?

About 20 years ago, I was an Army ROTC cadet attending pre-officer training at Ft. Lewis, Washington. We were at an impact area watching a demonstration of different types of artillery that the U.S. Army had in its inventory. The weapons being demonstrated were the 105mm Howitzer and the 155mm Howitzer. The 105mm is a

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Arms Through the Ages: Military Arms in the Hands of Citizens

While the history of mankind is characterized by war and conflict, that history is often driven by technology. Starting when that hypothetical early soldier tied a sharp rock to the end of a stick and made himself a spear, man has tried to produce weapons superior in effect and efficiency to those of his enemies. While the current public discourse on “assault weapons” incites frenetic opinions on both ends of the political spectrum, what seems to be lost is simply how tired the argument itself has become. The scariest full-auto polymer “assault rifle” of today will be ancient history a century from now.

Sub Caliber Machineguns: Are They Still Practical?

Certainly the “entertainment media” will place an SMG in the hands of the hero, anti-hero or villain. Anyone worth paying attention to in film genres such as war, gangster, action and others, will use a submachine gun of one type or another.

Thumper TG 6 Non-Pyrotechnic: A Bang Without The Boom

After early uses by the Israelis at Entebbe, the West Germans in Mogadishu and the British at Princes Gate, the idea of using a very bright and loud noise to distract the Bad Guys before coming through their door spread to American law enforcement tactical teams.

Custom Firearm Finishes: Looking For Something Different?

Custom Firearm Finishes (CFF), operating out of Eagle River, Alaska, will paint your weapon with a specific personalized pattern which should satisfy the most frustrated and/or discriminating gun owner. Yes, the operative word is “paint”, and no, that doesn’t mean some grade three, two-minute spray job out of an aerosol can bought at Wally World.

Beta Company Magazine Loaders: Loading Ammunition Efficiently

Magazines are the devices that keep your firestick fed. Unlike what we see on the big screens, magazines do not come from the factory pre-loaded with an inexhaustible supply of cartridges. Unlike the fantasy of some magazine writers, they don’t come out of “supply” already loaded and ready to shoot.