Hurricane Irma: Lessons Learned

Preparedness is not a hobby practiced by the lunatic fringe in advance of a zombie apocalypse or biblical end times. Preparedness is a sensible lifestyle choice for anyone who wants to survive the array of natural disasters that strike the United States every year. 2017 was particularly brutal, with devastating wildfires over several Western states,

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HOMELAND SECURITY: Measures To Make Your Home Safer

For most of us, our homes are a sacred place of peace and comfort and hopefully the one setting where we can shut out the stress and madness of the outside world. Home is also where we shelter our families, make memories, and find some level of rest, tranquility and refuge. But what happens when

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Going Retro: Bolt Guns for Preppers

“When we get to the end of the world as we know it, the last man standing on the slag heap will be a gray-haired guy with a Model 98 Mauser.” — Louis Awerbuck Bolt-action rifles became the world’s military standard in the 1890s but are older than that, some dating to the mid-1800s. Sportsmen

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Shades of the Gray Man: Blend in and Survive

Imagine that a serious crisis is unfolding right before your eyes. Almost immediately, conditions begin to deteriorate in ways few ever anticipated. Widespread panic and desperation quickly follow as the downward spiral accelerates. After careful consideration, you determine that the only relative safety lies outside the hot zone—you need to get moving right now. But

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Ten Bug-Out Bag Essentials: Repairs on the Go

Bugging out can be difficult and full of hazards. But it’s a reality that many people in Texas and Florida had to confront head on this year. Someday you may have to. When that moment arrives, you’ll need to be prepared, and you’ll have to move quickly. It will also help if you have a

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Crisis Cuisine: Long-Term Food Storage

Having access to long-term food stores can definitely increase your chances for survival in even the most serious crisis situations. But storing that much food is not without its complications, and can also become very expensive. Figuring out what to store and how to store it can often be the most difficult part of the entire process. Let’s take a look at the basics of long-term food security, with specific emphasis on tips, ideas, and suggestions to help you start making your preparations, while also saving some serious money.

Against All Odds: Improvised Survival Gear

In every corner of the world that I’ve explored, I’ve found garbage or junk of some sort. Even in places I was sure were considered “pristine wilderness,” there was trash. Finding junk worthy of survival is a practice all its own, but finding it is just the beginning. At the same time, common everyday items can often be turned into survival gear by using a little ingenuity.

Jack of All Trades: SPARtool Multipurpose Survival Tool

Purpose-built or task-specific tools are just that: designed for a specific task and purpose. They usually work exceptionally well for that specific task, and marginally well, poorly or are downright dangerous when used outside of the design scope.

Water Storage Essentials: What To Do Before the Tap Runs Dry

During a disaster, one of the most significant problems you’re likely to face is the lack of clean drinking water. People living in highly congested urban areas are especially vulnerable, since municipal water supplies can be contaminated or may stop flowing altogether.

Packing for the Apocalypse: Realistic Planning for Defensive Firearms

This is written for apocalyptic times, when open combat might be present in our country. It could happen as a result of an attack on our Constitution by an out-of-control president, a nuclear event, pandemic, geothermal event, or EMP. Regardless, things will get unfriendly quickly.