Warn Trans4mer mount holds the winch, lights, and Hi-Lift jack.

THE GET OUTTA DODGE TRUCK: Loaded for Survival

The phrase “Get Outta Dodge” (G.O.D.) originated in Dodge City, Kansas, during the wild days of the 1870s. The Santa Fe Trail gave way to buffalo hunters, then to cattle drives, all of which led to lots of lawlessness. Marshals like Billy Brooks, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Mysterious Dave Mather, and Bill Tilghman kept the…

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A shotgun is a great multi-purpose weapon.

SHOTGUN SAVVY: The Perfect Survival Gun?

The amount and variety of firearms available today is staggering. Some are designed for specific uses. When choosing a firearm to fill multiple roles, you often find that only one type of firearm will work for one specific job. Take the Barrett M82 .50-caliber sniper rifle. It is designed to engage targets at very long…

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SOL Escape Pro Bivvy next to Escape Lite Bivvy. Newer eight-ounce bivvy retains more heat and covers up like a mummy bag.

AGAINST ALL ODDS: A Tale of Two Bivvies

SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) has come out with their newest offering to the bivvy market—the Escape Pro Bivvy. Although SOL is not new to the bivvy market, the newer Pro series makes some subtle changes to the existing line-up. Throughout the warmer season, I used the Escape Lite Bivvy, so I could evaluate two options…

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Minuteman puts out a lot of heat in a very small area. Cast iron works incredibly well with the stove. While this may limit portability even more, it adds to stove’s overall efficiency and safety.

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Portable Emergency Stoves

More survival and camp stoves are on the market than ever before. They range from large, heavy tent style to small bottle stoves that weigh only a few ounces. It’s challenging to sift through all the options and find something that fits every need. When it comes to camping and survival, wood-burning stoves are generally…

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Portion of author’s pantry, with home and commercially canned food.

PRIORITIES FOR PREPPERS: From Gasoline to Gardens

I recently ran into an acquaintance at a gun show. He moved here a couple years ago from the east coast, bought 60 acres and a nice house up in the hills, and got interested in preparedness. He launched into telling me about his newest purchase, a .338 Lapua with the Hubble Telescope mounted on…

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U.S. Air Force officer builds fire to help combat frostbite and hypothermia during SERE exercise. Knowing how to build a fire is one of the most important survival skills. Photo: U.S Air Force

OFFBEAT: C’mon Baby, Light My (Survival) Fire

The ability to start a fire is a key factor in surviving in the wild. It can mean the difference between life and death. The conditions won’t be ideal. You need redundant ignition methods to ensure at least one works in any environment. THE SURVIVAL LIGHTER A good lighter cannot be matched for its all-around…

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Two throwsticks author carries have varied purposes. Different shapes allow for a different type of flight and impact strength. One throwstick has traditional pattern.

AGAINST ALL ODDS Long-Range Throwsticks

The use of sticks to hunt small and medium game is thoroughly documented. Throwstick variants have been found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs but were truly made useful by many native tribes, especially the Australian Aboriginals. Throwsticks and rabbit sticks are variations of the more advanced kylie. While these hunting tools have been discovered…

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Shomer-Tec products sure to meet traveler’s needs: Covert Coffee, Escape Stick, Covert Coin, and Ceramic Folding Razor Knife.

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Shomer-Tec Travel-Ready Gear

A company that has caught my eye over the last couple of years claims to specialize in “merchandise for those looking for law enforcement and military products, as well as spy and revenge products.” This got my attention, and soon I was talking to Jeff from Shomer-Tec about some of these items. Previously, I’d seen…

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Mini-Cache makes perfect option for self-built fire kit, with more than enough room for tinder and fire materials.


A plethora of survival kits are on the market catering to a series of unique needs. Companies like ESEE, Wise Food, and SOS Survival Products create small and large kits that can keep a user safe, dry, and warm. While that is the basic purpose of most survival kits, not all of them can perform…

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