Next Evolution of the Piston AR: Primary Weapons Systems Mk116 Mod 2

Witnessing a product’s evolution is gratifying, especially when one has experience with early models to better appreciate the modifications made. For me, the Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) MK116 MOD 2 AR is a great case in point. PWS has taken its concept of the AR rifle another step forward with its next generation MK1 (M16/AR-15)

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Top Choice of Elite Military Units: SpecOps Glocks

When the Glock premiered in 1982, it was met with skepticism by shooters, agencies, and politicians. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster, it came to dominate the U.S. and world police handgun markets. But it lagged behind in military acceptance. Not only were most military buyers conservative about new weapons, but they viewed

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Long Guns: Compact Weaponlights for Ar Carbines

One great advantage of the M4 Carbine is that it’s light and handy. But the M4 has experienced “weight creep” during the War on Terror as various accessories have been added. I’ll grant that many of the accessories are useful, but in some cases they still get the rifle’s weight up to that of a

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Powerful Performer: Flint River Armory CSA45 Carbine

Whether you pronounce it “car-bean” or “car-byne,” there are basically two definitions of “carbine.” The first and most common definition is a shorter version of the regular rifle, but still firing the standard service cartridge. A modern example of this is the M16A4 rifle and the M4A1 carbine, both chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. The second

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Race Ready and More: SIG Sauer P320 X-Five

In military parlance, the letter “X” attached to an object’s nomenclature usually means experimental. By no means is the SIG Sauer P320 X-Five an experimental firearm, but rather the sophisticated relative of the big Army’s replacement for the Beretta, sans bilateral thumb safeties. It also joins SIG Sauer’s X-Five fine family of steel and alloy,

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Low-capacity Pistols: Is There a Perfect Ten?

As of this writing, the options for reciprocal concealed carry to the U.S. traveler are as good as they’ve ever been. Even without a valid permit, a record number of states have included the right to carry a concealed weapon in their laws or constitutions, and most jurisdictions have at least some attainable reciprocity with

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Premium Primary Pistol: Wilson Combat EDC X9

My primary carry gun is a striker-fired system, and almost all the training and practice I do is with striker-fired weapons. I’ve used 1911s on occasion but haven’t worked with them enough to have the same level of comfort I do with my Smith & Wesson M&Ps or Shield, from which I’ve fired several thousand

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Dual-action Shotgun: Tristar Arms TEC 12

I have regarded the pump-action shotgun as my “go-to” firearm for some time. This is due to police experience when the shotgun was not a personal weapon but the “community” firearm shared by many officers. It had to come up shooting every time, and there were rules concerning its storage and load.

Embrace the Future: Gear Head Works Tailhook Pistol Brace

The future of pistol braces has arrived. Gear Head Works (GHW) Tailhook™ is a revolutionary new ATF-approved pistol brace that further blurs the distinction between pistol and rifle. It’s one of the most practical products to hit the firearms marketplace in a long time. AR-15-type pistols were once considered little more than range toys. The

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Firearms Alchemy: ROBAR Guns

My first experience with ROBAR was shortly after I left the Sheriff’s Office to work for S.W.A.T. way back in 1987. I took my much-used Series 70 Colt 1911 Government Model to them to apply the then-new NP3® to it.