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RUGER GP100 MATCH CHAMPION 10mm: A Long Time Coming

GP100 Match Champion 10mm. Well done, Ruger! Every once in a while, someone brings a really good idea to fruition. Ruger has done exactly that with their GP100 Match Champion 10mm. Finally a medium-frame six-gun chambering six major caliber rounds! This idea isn’t new… Read More

.300 AAC BLACKOUT: Necessary or Niche?

Colt with .300 upper, Leupold scope, and Gemtech One suppressor. Articles have been written on the .300 AAC Blackout (BLK) that give the history and purpose of the cartridge. I decided to put one together to see how it performed suppressed. I had some… Read More

RENDITION OF A CLASSIC: Alchemy Custom Weaponry Prime

Alchemy Custom Weaponry Prime is a flawless rendition of Browning’s timeless 1911, built with modern materials and equipment and old-world craftsmanship. Prime features rugged one-piece rear sight, serrated with deep U-notch for quick alignment. ACW’s unique logo is… Read More

NEWEST MAGNUM HANDGUN: .327 Federal Magnum

Skull borrowed from Dunton Ranch is for show, but Ruger Single Seven housed in a Baranti holster is the real deal for a great trail gun. Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read, “The buck stops here!” It was a simple… Read More


Working Geissele on Gunsite’s Military Crest Range was almost too easy. Accuracy was excellent and Comp M4S kept it simple and consistent. For the last two decades, I have looked at the 5.56mm carbine through the optic of a patrol rifle. It started in… Read More


Mossberg FLEX Tool-Less Locking System allows a single shotgun action to be easily configured for multiple missions. Same gun can hunt doves, bust clays, eliminate evildoers, or quell a riot. What exactly is the ideal single survival gun? You’d think by now geeks like… Read More

SIXGUN STRESS RELIEVER: Ruger’s New Wrangler Revolver

Ruger’s new Wrangler is available in Silver, Burnt Bronze, and Black. In 1953, the year before I was born, Ruger introduced the Single-Six single-action revolver. Although it was released in an era when double-action revolvers were king among private citizens and peace officers, it… Read More