The Cutting Edge: Gerber MP1-AR Weapons Multi-Tool

The MP1-AR™ Weapons Multi-Tool is described by Gerber as “the next evolution of the eFECT.” It’s that and more. The MP1-AR is a full-size multi-tool that has all the tools you need not only to simplify cleaning and maintenance of your weapon system, but also to handle everyday tasks.

Long Guns: AK Bayonets

If you’re like me, you find having the correct bayonet for a military rifle adds to its appeal. In the case of the AK-47 or AK-74, most of the bayonets can be found at relatively reasonable prices. For many issued the AK-47 or AK-74, the bayonet was the highest quality blade they were likely to

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The Cutting Edge: ESEE Knives CM6

ESEE Knives has collaborated with many outdoorsmen over the past few years, creating a new era of modern cutlery with years of experience behind them. The CM6 was one of the first collaborations of this kind, with outdoorsman Terrill Hoffman.

The Cutting Edge: 5.11 Tactical VTAC Operator Axe

A lot of tactical tomahawks and axes are on the market, but the new 5.11 Tactical® VTAC® Operator Axe stands apart from the rest. It was designed in conjunction with Sergeant Major Kyle Lamb (Retired), who brings a wealth of real-world experience to its design.

The Cutting Edge: Bud Nealy Shrike

The Shrike is an exciting new covert-carry fixed-blade knife designed for personal protection. It’s the result of a collaboration between custom knifemaker Bud Nealy and a veteran Federal agent. Bud needs no introduction. He’s a former professional musician who has become one of the world’s top knifemakers.

The Cutting Edge: KA-BAR Ek Model 4

The John Ek Commando Knife Company has a long and distinguished history. Since John Ek founded the company in 1941, Ek knives have been battle proven in six major conflicts by American personnel. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, General George S. Patton, Jr. and Captain Clark Gable were among the proud owners of Ek Commando Knives during World War II.

Last-Ditch Defense: Steve Tarani Edged Weapons Course

While a firearm may be considered the most effective tool for personal self-defense, there are times and places where firearms are not an option. This may be due to local laws, your local status, or problems with your firearm.

The Cutting Edge: Toolbox Tomahawks

Since Paleolithic times and into the Bronze Age, small axes were one of the most valued tools. A hafted tool stores energy as it is swung, and if it has an edge, that energy transfers to a concentrated spot on the work-piece and can accomplish a lot. As we are wont to do, man usually

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