More (Hi) Power to You: Custom Job Modernizes Fighting Pistol

My love affair with the Browning Hi Power began with a book. Fellow S.W.A.T. alumnus Marcus Wynne wrote a novel called No Other Option. It showcased a customized Hi Power, which in Wynne’s world was toted and employed handily by the JSOC-veteran hero of the story. I’ve lusted for one on and off since reading the story almost a decade ago

Beretta APX: A Better Mousetrap?

Beretta knows how to build guns. It is an established company, but many shooters may not realize just how established Beretta is. Consider this: When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, the Beretta family had already been making firearms for over 120 years! Beretta has had a dominant role in the U.S. service pistol market… Read more »

Nine Inches of .30-Cal Thumpery: Bravo Company Mfg Recce-9 KMR-A Pistol

I’ve spent most of the year shooting the BCM AR pistol, monkeying with different holds and techniques and generally seeing what the gun could do. I compared it head-to-head with a new, box-stock Glock 17 across pages of pistol drills. I stretched it out to carbine applications and compared it to a ROBAR PolymAR-15L I’ve been running. After a healthy pile of brass and a stack of data, I’ve got some idea of what it will and won’t do.

Wheelgun Wisdom: Running Double-Action Revolvers

Recently I had the privilege of instructing the “revolver day” of a New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy’s Firearms Instructor Course. Fourteen cops were in the class, and experience ranged from a few years to one gent with 27 years in the bag…

Modular Marvels: SIG Sauer P320 and P320 Compact Pistols

When I read through the FBI’s October 2015 Request for Proposal for a new 9x19mm pistol, I was intrigued by how closely the P320 seemed to fit the FBI’s list of criteria. I’ve been testing the P320 and P320 Compact for the last several weeks and have found they combine SIG’s usual reliability and accuracy with contemporary design.

Choice of the FBI HRT: Springfield Armory Professional Model

A few years ago, some friends and I ordered a group of Operator pistols from the Springfield Armory (SA) Custom Shop. Although we placed it as a group order, some of us wanted special touches on our pistols. At least one got adjustable sights instead of the low-profile fixed sights. Some of us ordered two… Read more »

American Genius: Nighthawk Custom Hi-Power

When it comes to firearms designers, one stands out above all others—John Moses Browning. Born in Ogden, Utah in 1855, he made his first firearm at the tender age of 13 and received his first patent at age 24. During his life, he designed or made improvements to lever-action rifles, including the ubiquitous Winchester Model 94, and slide-action (pump) shotguns.

King of the Autos: SIG Sauer Elite Stainless P220

The 10mm Auto (10x25mm), which I have carried on duty and used in competition, has become one of my favorite self-defense and pistol hunting calibers. Loaded to the max, it’s quite powerful and was designed to deliver .41 Magnum ballistics in a semiauto handgun. But the .41 Magnum revolver round remains energy boss at a maximum of 1,135 foot-pounds of muzzle energy (me), while the ten has made it to 1,015 foot-pounds with lighter projectiles at 2,420 feet-per-second (fps).

Ruger American Pistol: Anything Less May Be Un-American

Designed with the latest U.S. Military standards in mind, the Ruger American Pistol™ was designed and built to perform in the harshest conditions. During development, Ruger sought out military and law enforcement trainers to see what features would be desired in terms of form, function, and features. The American is the result of that feedback.