Going Armed: Concealed-Carry Scenario Training

When going through the process of acquiring a firearms carry permit, don’t forget that two of the requisites for the lifestyle are the proper mindset when going armed in public, and the personal resolution required to use the firearm if necessary and justified. It’s not enough just to have the firearm with you. You must… Read more »

The .380 for Self-Defense: Modern Marvel or Passing Fad?

In the last few years, a lot of people have accepted that the police, no matter how good, are really historians. When they arrive, they ask, “What happened here?” in the past tense. When an attack is happening here, the police are usually way over there. That makes you your own first responder.

Back to Basics: An Instructor Goes to Gunsite

Why would a nationally recognized defensive firearms instructor spend a week taking a basic defensive pistol course? What would he gain by learning how to draw and shoot, malfunction clearance and speed and tactical reloading? The answers to these questions might surprise you.

The Weaver Stance: Combating the Misinformation

The Weaver stance is well-known, acknowledged as revolutionary, and quick to draw sidelong glances from more than a few people on the firing line lately. In fact, a surefire way to start a heated argument is to debate the merits of the Weaver versus the “Isosceles” or other shooting positions.

Small Solutions: Making The Most Of Pocket Guns

An ever-increasing number of lawful citizens are arming themselves with small revolvers and pocket pistols. With this in mind, Gunsite recently ran a two-day course called “Pocket Guns and Penlights” designed around a product seminar sponsored by XS Sight Systems. My Dad, Denny Hansen, and I were invited to attend.

The Rule of Two: Backup, Backup, Backup

At first glance, being armed with a loaded pistol seems adequate for most situations. If you make the gun a Glock 17, you have 18 tries to stop an armed assailant. If you carry a gun, a quality light should always be with you. I habitually carry a Surefire E2 Executive, even in my briefcase on an airplane.

Fight Club: Tactical Response Fighting Pistol Courses

James Yeager is the owner of Tactical Response and served as lead instructor during the courses, with instructor Jay Gibson also keeping the students on track during the four days of training. Yeager and Gibson’s full resumes are listed on Tactical Response’s well-executed website. Both men are imminently qualified to instruct and are dynamic teachers, each with their own style.

Girls Gone Wild! Kimber Custom Crimson Carry/EAG Tactical Pistol Course

Shooting — whether competition, hunting or of the tactical variety — is the domain of men. Not! Recently my dad, Denny Hansen, received a new Kimber pistol—the Kimber Custom Crimson Carry II—for test and evaluation. Rather than just conduct a range evaluation, and since we were scheduled to attend an EAG Tactical Pistol Course followed… Read more »

Wheelguns 101: Six (Or Five, Seven, Or Eight) For Sure

I have managed to collect a pretty good cross-section of guns that includes everything from a neat custom .32 Magnum Ruger Single-Six right on through to my three (yes, three) S&W Model 629s with four-inch barrels. In between are a bunch of .22s, .22 Magnums, and a .38/.357 Magnum or two. The gun for the revolver class would, of course, be the self-tuned S&W Model 66 in .357 Magnum with a four-inch barrel.

What it Really Takes to Hit: Point Shooting Debate Continues

What will it take for you to hit and stop your assailant in a deadly force encounter? Will the assailant be under the influence of extreme rage or drugs and hard to stop? Will one shot drop the suspect or will it take an entire magazine—or more? What will that encounter look like? Will it be at close range, 50 feet or even farther?