Force Multiplier: Knife and Gun Integration

We’re all familiar with the old adage, “Never bring a knife to a gunfight.” And while we should always carry a gun as our primary weapon, having one doesn’t rule out also having the other. In fact, we should carry both. We need to prepare for all contingencies. It’s about options. In a close-quarters lethal-force

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Active Shooter: First Responder or Unwilling Participant?

Sometimes in life, things get a little spooky. I left the house early to attend a new class by Firearms Training Associates (FTA)—Active Shooter II, Counter Terrorism Response—and by the time I got home early that evening, every TV station was filled with news of a car and stabbing attack that had just occurred in

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Push, Hold, Act: Gunsite Active Shooter/Terrorist Response Course

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “Run, Hide, Fight,” that’s promoted—in that order—as the correct response to an active shooter. While that might be good advice for some and can be learned by watching videos on YouTube, unfortunately the end result is often Run, Hide, Die.

Going Armed: Concealed-Carry Scenario Training

When going through the process of acquiring a firearms carry permit, don’t forget that two of the requisites for the lifestyle are the proper mindset when going armed in public, and the personal resolution required to use the firearm if necessary and justified. It’s not enough just to have the firearm with you. You must

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Carrying a Handgun: Separate Facts From Fallacies

Carrying a handgun, concealed or otherwise, is permitted by law in many states. Several states have no restrictions on carry, and a number of others have “shall issue” laws. And of course a few states severely restrict not only the carrying of a weapon by honest citizens, but also prohibit the mere possession of a

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The .380 for Self-Defense: Modern Marvel or Passing Fad?

In the last few years, a lot of people have accepted that the police, no matter how good, are really historians. When they arrive, they ask, “What happened here?” in the past tense. When an attack is happening here, the police are usually way over there. That makes you your own first responder.

Back to Basics: An Instructor Goes to Gunsite

Why would a nationally recognized defensive firearms instructor spend a week taking a basic defensive pistol course? What would he gain by learning how to draw and shoot, malfunction clearance and speed and tactical reloading? The answers to these questions might surprise you.

The Weaver Stance: Combating the Misinformation

The Weaver stance is well-known, acknowledged as revolutionary, and quick to draw sidelong glances from more than a few people on the firing line lately. In fact, a surefire way to start a heated argument is to debate the merits of the Weaver versus the “Isosceles” or other shooting positions.

Hideouts in High Gear: Running Back-Up Guns At Speed

How do .38 and .380 hideout guns stack up against a full-size service pistol up close and fast? We put them to the test. In a previous issue, we looked at just how far the back-up gun, or BUG, could reasonably hit from realistic positions (HUNDRED-YARD POCKET GUNS: Stretching Out The Backups, February 2014 S.W.A.T.).

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Invisibly Armed: Concealed Carry Tactics

Carrying concealed can be broken down into high profile and low profile. In high profile, you might mask the sight of the weapon, but everyone knows you’re carrying. In low profile, the physical features of the firearm are obscured to the deepest cover. In the latter condition, you are not only trying to conceal the presence of a firearm, but the evidence you were carrying in the first place.