Frontline Debriefs: Newhall Incident Revisited

Virtually from my first day in the LAPD Academy in 1976, I was instructed in all matters relative to officer safety. Los Angeles was a dangerous place. If the traffic, smog, or femmes fatale didn’t get you, the bad guys certainly would! A seminal event in California was the Newhall Incident. It was undoubtedly the… Read more »

Frontline Debriefs: Deadly Force Shootings

If you have not seen the Clint Eastwood-directed movie Sully, you need to. What does an emergency passenger airplane landing on the Hudson River have to do with police work? As it turns out, just about everything. I have worked for over 26 years as a designated use-of-force expert on police shooting cases both in… Read more »

Frontline Debriefs: The Minefield of Social Media Sharing

In the beginning, there was word of mouth, which gave way to clay tablets, which in turn progressed into papyrus, which then led to pen and ink, and finally culminated in binary numbers floating about the ethernet zone of space. Discovery within the judicial system applies to anything evidentiary in value that may be argued… Read more »