Blood on the Range: Doublestar ARC 300

We all know the story of Noah and his ark. Recently I discovered a different ARC: the DoubleStar ARC 300 chambered in .300 Blackout (BLK). DOUBLESTAR ARC 300 DoubleStar’s ARC (Always Ready Carbine) 300 is an AR-15 type rifle, but with several interesting features. To begin with, it’s relatively light at 6.7 pounds unloaded. The

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Accuracy Worth the Wait: Accuracy International at .308 Precision Rifle

Accuracy International (AI) has been a well-known entity in the precision-rifle marketplace since the mid-1980s. AI’s innovations have shaped and influenced the precision bolt-action genre of weapons. AI’s founders were competitive marksmen, one of them an Olympic gold medalist and World Champion. Up until that time, sniper rifles had been converted hunting or existing service

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U.S. Version of Classic H&K: Moore Advanced Dynamics MAD 9 Carbine

Heckler & Koch (H&K) firearms enjoy an enviable reputation in terms of quality, reliability, and ruggedness. In terms of H&K rifles, the U.S. market is skewed due to firearm importation bans creating a shortage. Roughly speaking, only 15,000 H&K 94 pattern weapons were imported before the 1989 ban, which causes them to be priced in

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Old World Meets New: Bergara LRP Elite Bolt-Action Rifle

This is the golden age for enhancing established firearms past what was thought possible only a few years ago. And I’m not talking only about ARs, AKs, Glocks, and 1911s. Even the standard bolt-action rifle is getting a makeover in terms of performance and appearance. This is in large part due to the rise of CNC machining and other cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. The Bergara Long Range Precision (LRP) Elite bolt-action rifle is an excellent case in point.

Eye of the Beholder: Search For The Perfect Carbine

Opinions fluctuate widely according to peer pressure. One forum (populated by those with little practical experience) believes that only a bare bones circa 1963 gun is acceptable. Another forum (populated by a few with real experience) attempts to hold in check a population that wants everything on their carbines—especially if the gear is new, and no matter that they have neither an idea how nor the training to use it.

DIY Sniper System: Precision Shooting for the Working Man

Have you priced a hand-built precision rifle lately? I am part owner of a small company that builds them, and I cannot yet afford one of my own. A tricked-out top-end minute-of-gnat’s-butt precision rifle costs as much as a family vacation to Australia. But for those willing to sacrifice maybe a quarter inch downrange, markedly cheaper options exist.

Lightweight, Maneuverable, Ergonomic 9mm Carbine: Wilson Combat AR9G

The 5.56mm NATO caliber AR-15 holds sway for police patrol rifles, but 9mm shoulder-fired weapons occupy a place in many armories, typically as submachine guns. Carbines such as the Beretta CX4 are used by several state university police departments, while a few sheriff’s departments use the CZ EVO.

Versatile, Heavy-Hitting AR: CMMG MkW ANVIL .458 SOCOM

CMMG MkW ANVIL has AR hallmark traits of adaptability in terms of optics, rails, and trigger, enhanced by .458 SOCOM chambering. What comes to mind when someone mentions getting an AR-pattern rifle for personal defense, law enforcement, or even hunting? I’ll bet most would first consider it chambered in 5.56mm/.223 Rem. CMMG decided to up

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