About Us

For us, S.W.A.T. is more than a business enterprise…it’s a calling. Our entire Staff consists of serious shooters, trainers and Law Enforcement personnel. Not just our writers…all of us…from Publisher to Web Designer; from Finance Staff to Copy Editor. Like you, we’re interested in what works…and what doesn’t.

We dedicate our efforts to providing timely, instructive and honest news on the latest weapons, tactics and training. We consider this information invaluable to readers like you…individuals who are interested in substance vs. hype; practicality vs. novelty; and honesty in reporting vs. advertiser infomercials.

Additionally, like you, we have a keen interest in issues of Civil Liberties. Too often, those carrying the badge are portrayed as being opposed to such interests. Too often, the differences between the cop and the CCW holder are emphasized and the commonalities overlooked. At S.W.A.T., we recognize that these differences are simple fiction.

Honest dialogue between the “cop on the beat” and “the man on the street” is the best way to assure safety for our law enforcement brothers and continued freedoms for our law abiding citizens.

These are not mutually exclusive goals, as the brass and the politicians would have us believe. We will continue to promote this position in our features, our columns and our editorials.

If the philosophy of S.W.A.T. appeals to you, we encourage you to join our growing ranks of print and on-line readers, to provide us feedback, and to tell your friends about us.