Power to the People: Portable Emergency Generators

Electrical power is one of those things that most of us take for granted. Let’s face it, we expect electricity to be there whenever we need it—and it usually is. We are so dependent on electricity that we’ve developed our entire social and economic infrastructure on the assumption that we will always have plentiful, inexpensive,

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Home Sweet Home: Bugging in During a Disaster

What started off as a normal day is turning out to be anything but. Something is terribly wrong. News reports are vague, but early indications point to a massive failure of key computer networks that run the nation’s power grid. In your neighborhood, power is failing, traffic is at a standstill, and most businesses are anxiously closing their doors and sending their employees home.

Living off the Grid: Plan B: Cost-Effective Hideaways

I have previously written about living off the grid, looking at the high-end permanent home/cabin situation (OFF THE GRID FULL TIME: Self-Sufficiency Without Tears, May 2012 S.W.A.T.). That was the ideal situation, but beyond the reach or desires of many. Now we’ll take a look at what the average person can do with a limited

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Off the Grid Full-Time: Self-Sufficiency Without Tears

“Occupy Movement To Turn Violent” “Mexican Cartels Crossing The Border” “Violent Weather Predicted” “Infrastructure Crumbling, More Brownouts Ahead” “Power Goes Out For Three Days County-Wide” Take your pick—there are lots of reasons to be prepared. You have your gear: guns, ammo, food, first aid, medications, and hard-wear clothing. Your bug-out bag is packed and ready.

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AGAINST ALL ODDS: Natural Survival Shelters

People get lost in the wild for a number of reasons. We may all have had that feeling of a sudden loss of orientation at one time or another. It doesn’t take much before the feeling of panic strikes.