Training and Tactics: I Am the Bullet

I am the bullet—and I have no conscience. You will treat me with respect because, once I leave, you have no control over my actions. Once I’m gone, I will do as I please, governed only by the laws of physics. And the next time you see me, I will have done my work, bringing… Read more »

Training and Tactics: Colonel Cooper’s Timeless Lessons

My first mistake was utilizing a parking bay at the local post office. This is never a sensible practice, since every North American post-office parking lot appears to have been laid out by the same maniac who designs the blueprints for amusement-park roller coasters. What with all the narrow driving lanes, mysteriously angled parking bays,… Read more »

Training and Tactics: Living by the Sword

Like the Sword of Damocles, miscalculating the moves of a blade-wielding assailant can leave your life hanging by a thread. And like everything else, there are two sides to every argument. As with the decades-long abstruse firearms babble about “my way is better than your way,” along comes the recent Everybody-Wants-To-Be-Musashi syndrome. First and foremost,… Read more »

Training and Tactics: Twenty-One Feet Is Not Enough

There are two definitions of feet. One is the plural form of an ambulatory organ; the other is a measure of distance. And in a typical physical-force confrontation, you need both to win. Without utilizing the former, you can’t strategically gain the latter. Unfortunately, circumstances often dictate that you can’t stabilize in a solid firing… Read more »

Training and Tactics: Retaliatory Defensive Shooting

You can dress a pig in a sweatsuit, but that doesn’t make him an Olympic athlete. And you can attend a ten-day defensive firearms course, but that doesn’t make you a gunfighter. It may make you adept in the fields of weapon manipulation and accuracy with a specific firearm. You may even walk out of… Read more »

Training and Tactics: I Know You

I know you. I mean I really know you. All your achievements and all the failures. All the peccadillos, all the bravado in front of your accomplices—and the fear and trepidation you feel when nobody else is around and you’re home alone late at night. You live your life of desperation, striving for success in… Read more »

Training and Tactics: Fighting Shotgun Stock Length

“Beware of the man, not the weapon.” This adage has held true since time immemorial, and will predominantly decide who will be the victor and who will be the vanquished in a rencounter. This having been said, however, there is no question that the right equipment for the right job is a huge bonus. Even… Read more »

Training and Tactics: The Reload

Bullets are flying, you need to reload, and this is no time for cerebral flatulence. The question is what technique do you use for the ammunition replenishment process? Logically, the decision depends on two major factors: the weaponry being utilized, and the specific circumstances and progression of the fight. Obviously if a magazine tube-fed shotgun… Read more »