Dual-action Shotgun: Tristar Arms TEC 12

I have regarded the pump-action shotgun as my “go-to” firearm for some time. This is due to police experience when the shotgun was not a personal weapon but the “community” firearm shared by many officers. It had to come up shooting every time, and there were rules concerning its storage and load.

Mossberg 590 Shockwave: Short-barreled 12-gauge Revolution

The Mossberg® 590® ShockwaveTM is one of the hottest new firearms to hit the market in 2017. That’s not at all surprising, since the Shockwave offers shooters a compact, 14-inch-barreled 12-gauge reminiscent of the legendary Witness Protection Shotgun of the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) but with no NFA (National Firearms Act) restrictions, as confirmed in

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Semi-Auto on Steroids: SRM Arms 1216 Shotgun

What if you could have a shotgun built from the ground up as a fighting shotgun, shorter than most while weighing within a few ounces, and with a total capacity of 17 shells? The SRM Arms 1216 makes this a reality.

Prepper Special: Versatile Pump Shotgun

I’ve had the good fortune to train with some of the great instructors, most of whom come from Gunsite lineage—Chuck Taylor, Clint Smith, Bill Jeans, Pat Rogers, Bill Murphy, and Louis Awerbuck. Bill Murphy ran the 260 Shotgun class at Gunsite, and Louis taught “the gauge” through his company, Yavapai Firearms Academy.

Browning’s First Pump Shotgun: Winchester Model 97

The Winchester Model 1897 was designed by John Moses Browning. Though all Browning designs were not successful, the majority were, and the 97 is no exception. This shotgun has all the earmarks of a classic firearm and is not only a war dog, but a long-serving law dog as well.

Slugging it Out: Getting Hits With the 12

The defensive 12-gauge shotgun is unique in the armory for its versatility. The slug, the typically one-ounce hunk of lead that converts the “shot” gun into an “unrifled” bullet launcher, allows the shooter to stretch out the effective range and connect with targets beyond shot or handgun range. In other scenarios, the slug can give

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Long Guns: A Century of USGI Shotgun Ammo

When the Winchester Model 97 Riot Gun was issued during the Philippine Insurrection and the Mexican Punitive Expedition, it was supplied with paper case commercial buckshot rounds. During World War I, when far more shotguns were used in trench warfare, primarily Model 97 Trench Guns but also some Remington Model 10 Trench Guns (and also

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Shotgun Modifications: From Good to Great

In spending some extended quality time with a Benelli M2/21 inch with the ComforTech stock over the last year, I realized I really liked the potential of this particular model. However, there were a variety of little things that needn’t be left alone, and I started down the modification path. The last few years have

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