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COOL AND QUIET: GSL Technologies Pill Box Suppressor

GSL Technologies Pill Box. A silencer can’t get any smaller than this. I’m at a place in life where “cool” really doesn’t resonate with me. It seems that every day, some manufacturer introduces the newest, latest, greatest, coolest thing ever built. I did some training… Read More

AGAINST ALL ODDS: A Tale of Two Bivvies

SOL Escape Pro Bivvy next to Escape Lite Bivvy. Newer eight-ounce bivvy retains more heat and covers up like a mummy bag. SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) has come out with their newest offering to the bivvy market—the Escape Pro Bivvy. Although SOL is not new… Read More

LONG GUNS: US M4 Survival Rifle

M4 Survival Rifle with stock extended, plus ammunition and USAF Survival Knife. Photo: Jeff Moeller & Mike Spradlin When I first became interested in firearms over half a century ago, there weren’t as many gun magazines or gun books as there are now. As a… Read More


Photos by Katie and Rebecca Davis Emerson CQC-8 earned the moniker “the Banana” because its profile strongly resembles that of the fruit. Paired with a hand, the Banana’s ergonomics become obvious. The Emerson CQC-8 is not the newest, trendiest piece of gear. And in this… Read More


I’ve been behind the gun for over 42 years. I was instructed on ranges “way back when” and observed many variations of ranges being run “way back when” too. I have run ranges both by myself and with other highly qualified individuals for longer than I care to remember. Someone… Read More

LIONHEART REGULUS: Double Action Plus!

Lionheart produces two basic 9mm Regulus frames: Alpha and 1911 profile Beta, each totally interchangeable with its long and compact slide groups. Here are four of several combinations from which to choose. Over the years, semi-automatic handguns have operated by blowback, retarded blowback, delayed blowback,… Read More


Two of Remington V3 TAC-13’s greatest attributes are its compactness matched with its fearsome close-range power. Whatever the term used—combat, tactical, self-defense—shotguns can be had in various forms ranging from double-barrel to pump-action, semiautomatic, and even lever-action. Recently, a new genre has arrived labeled non-NFA… Read More

APPENDIX CARRY: Keepers’ Concealment Triad

Spencer Keepers fires fast pair at target. Note control over recoil. Keepers emphasizes very strong grip. It’s been a long time since I was a student in a firearms class. My mavens were from the old school: Military, FBI, Cooper, Chapman, Shaw, Leatham, Rogers, Hackathorn,… Read More