GSL Technologies Pill Box. A silencer can’t get any smaller than this.
GSL Technology Pill Box. A silencer can’t get any smaller than this.

I’m at a place in life where “cool” really doesn’t resonate with me. It seems that every day, some manufacturer introduces the newest, latest, greatest, coolest thing ever built. I did some training for an Alaska department that bought the newest, coolest gun on the market, and it didn’t work. Once in a great while, though, something truly cool crosses my path.

Like the under-five-pound AR, smaller suppressors are always a goal. I distinctly recall an episode of the original Hawaii Five-O where the assassin had an inch-long suppressor on an S&W two-inch Chief’s Special. It sounded like a beer can opening, and I really wanted one. I was crushed when I found out they really didn’t work that way.


Membrane before the shot …
Membrane before the shot …

It’s late afternoon on December 7 and the outside temperature is about 18 degrees. I just got in from shooting the newest offering from GSL Technologies, Inc, one of the leaders in suppressor technology. I did a recent review of several models and was totally impressed with every one. The recently released Pill Box, though, is in a class by itself.

For those of you who remember film cans, this .22 LR suppressor is smaller than one. It comes with a key ring, and you could literally carry it on a set of car keys. The tiny can is just over 1 3/8 inches long and weighs less than one ounce, but it reduces the report of a .22 LR to 118 decibels. To achieve all of this, the can has a membrane that you shoot through (no hollow points).

… and after.
… and after.

GSL says the reduction will last for 50 (minimum) to 100+ rounds. Then for $25, send the Pill Box, a copy of your Form 4, and a repair letter stating that the unit is being returned to the factory for repair. It will be returned to you within a couple of days with a new wipe.

I couldn’t stand it … even though the light was fading and it was chilly, I grabbed a box of Gemtech subsonic .22 and my suppressor-ready Browning Black Label pistol and headed out the door.

I threw a small empty can onto the driveway and let fly—hit. I ran through the first magazine without a miss, repeated with a second magazine, then decided to see if the membrane degraded accuracy.

String of five shots shows that membrane on Pill Box has no effect on accuracy.
String of five shots shows that membrane on Pill Box has no effect on accuracy.

I set up a LaRue target at five yards and fired three rounds. I was high and left, so I shifted to the second target. I rested my hands on my truck, adjusted my point of aim a little low and sent five rounds through one hole. Way too cool!

One of the neatest features about the Pill Box is that no one would recognize it as a suppressor. I don’t have any practical/tactical reason to be concerned about discretion, but I think it’s a neat feature.

Lightweight Browning Black Label and tiny GSL Pill Box are a match made in heaven.
Lightweight Browning Black Label and tiny GSL Pill Box are a match made in heaven.

I often take a .22 Black Label when I travel, and the Pill Box will be a permanent addition. As funds allow, I’ll get a second Black Label .22 and a second Pill Box, which will reside in my Get Outta Dodge truck. Along with the light weight of the Browning Black Label, this makes a very, very compact, lightweight package that is a ball to shoot.

The really good news is that it will fit in my Christmas stocking!


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