Offered exclusively through Bravo Company Mfg, The Colonel Blade™ Low Vz-PRO may be the ultimate EDC fixed-blade knife for personal defense. What sets The Colonel ™ apart from the competition is its patented advanced design. It is made for shooters, so your drawstroke is the same every time.

The Colonel is not an all-around utility knife. It was not designed nor is it intended for that role. It is a specialized tool designed solely for personal defense in extreme close quarters encounters to repel a lethal force attack where an assailant is attempting to take your handgun or you cannot access your handgun. And it excels at that.

Available from Bravo Company Mfg, The Colonel is a new fixed-blade knife for personal defense that is designed for shooters. It carries, conceals, and draws like a gun.

Designed by combative instructors Al and Nico Salvitti, with input from former Special Forces operators J.D. Potynsky and Tom Spooner of Northern Red, The Colonel utilizes the existing muscle memory ingrained in every shooter to facilitate effective stabbing and slashing without the need for specialized training. There aren’t any complex drill forms to remember, nor any new stances or grips to learn.

The Colonel is drawn in the same manner as a handgun. Striking with the blade is the same as throwing a punch. And everyone knows how to do that. It meshes with the skills you already have. It excels as a stabbing weapon. When you hit, the compression from the punch will drive the blade of The Colonel deep into the vitals. It is virtually impossible to defend against, even for a trained fighter.

The grip angle mirrors that of a pistol, allowing The Colonel to sit low in the hand for positive retention. The grip angle aligns and stabilizes the arm, forearm and wrist into the strongest position in a forward grip for improved strike mechanics, powerful strikes and increased tipto- target acquisition. Simple and very effective.

The Colonel grip aligns your upper arm, forearm, and wrist into the strongest position. Blade work with The Colonel is the same as boxing.

The patented design of The Colonel makes it next to impossible for the user to stab or cut themselves while employing the blade. The design also lends itself to use with a reverse grip, providing enhanced grip and reach when compared to conventional knives. By utilizing natural body mechanics, the ergonomic design of The Colonel is also exceptionally comfortable and well-balanced in the hand in either gripping technique.

Knife comes with high-quality G-Code Kydex sheath.

The Colonel is hand forged in Italy and coated, assembled, and sharpened in the U.S. It features a full tang, single-edged 2.75-inch spear-point blade in N690Co stainless steel with a matte-black nitrocarburized finish, three-inch contoured handle with checkered black G10 scales, large (winter glove suitable) teardrop-shaped finger ring, and aggressive jimping at the spine and hilt.

N690Co is a cobalt-enriched stainless steel from Austrian steel company Bohler. It is considered an exceptional high-end stainless steel. The added cobalt improves the wear resistance and edge retention of the steel in addition to ensuring a uniform grain structure. Although some have referred to N690Co as an upgraded 440C, it is very similar to VG-10.

The blade properties are further enhanced by QPQ liquid ferritic nitrocarburizing, a case-hardening process that imparts high surface hardness and improves wear, fatigue, and corrosion resistance for metals. It is extremely durable. Glock Tenifer and Smith & Wesson Melonite are other examples.

The Colonel comes with a custom- made sheath from G-Code®. The sheath is formed from the high-quality 100-series KYDEX®. The outer edges are trimmed and buffed to a smooth, comfortable finish that won’t create hot spots when the sheath is worn. The sheath features a multi grommet/ slot pattern that provides for a variety of attachment methods and utilizes a friction fit to securely hold the knife. It is very secure, with absolutely no rattle, yet easily pops off when deploying the blade.

Aluminum Colonel Trainer lets you safely practice full strikes and establish muscle memory.

The sheath comes equipped with a patent-pending multi-positional ambidextrous belt clip for IWB/ AIWB carry that fits up to a 1.75- inch belt. The clip is made of a durable polymer and locks securely on the belt. The clip incorporates a negative-angle design at the neck that forces the sheath to ride closer and tighter to the body for optimal concealment. The clip rotates to allow adjustment of cant and can be easily removed for pocket carry or to change the method of attachment.

To meet the requirements of certain end users, The Colonel has been kept completely “sterile.” Both the knife and sheath are devoid of any markings.

While supplies last, BCM is shipping a free aluminum Colonel Trainer with each Colonel Blade. The Colonel Trainer features a blunt one-inch blade and reversible clip for carry. The shorter blade is designed to allow you to practice full strikes and enhance muscle memory without stopping at the tip. It is useful for more than just training, as the design of the Colonel Trainer also lets it be effectively employed as a less-lethal tool for suspect control.

After carrying and training with The Colonel, I must say I am very impressed. It’s an outstanding low-profile fixed-blade knife for EDC. Design, materials, and workmanship are outstanding. The Colonel has a unique combination of features that put it in a class of its own. Bravo Company clearly has a real winner.

List price for the Colonel Blade Low Vz-PRO is $199.00. Bravo Company’s price is $149.95. The Colonel Trainer is regularly priced at $25.00.

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