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American Technologies ATN NVM-14-3A Night Vision Monocular

Ignorance is bliss. What am I talking about? I had no idea what I was missing in terms of night vision capability or availability until my exploration of products from American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN). ATN produces one of the most diversified line-ups of night vision (NV) devices in… Read More

Girl Power: Tactical Carbine Training

Many women say they will never own a gun or have one in their homes. I’ve heard a lot of reasons why, but the most commonly cited reason is that they are afraid of guns—mostly because they don’t know how to operate them. Read More

Lawful Carry: BlackHawk Battle Bag

From day to day, I carry a 1911. Most of the time it is worn strong side, either inside or outside the waistband, and for me this works very well. However, there are some individuals who do not have the opportunity to carry at their work. Some take the chance… Read More

Offbeat: Brownells AR-15 Field Maintenance Pack

Having the ability to repair your weapons in the field is of paramount importance. If attending a training course, it could be a matter of continuing to learn or being out hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars. If in a situation where your survival depends on your firearm working properly, it… Read More

The Cutting Edge: MIL-K “Demo” Knife

My grandmother—my Bobki—arrived illiterate from Poland when she was a teenager. She married young in a mill town, cleaned houses for income, lost her husband on Christmas Day when she was seven months’ pregnant with my father, and remarried a man who died not too many years thereafter. Between my… Read More

Lawful Carry: A Better Holster

In this column I have covered many products that conceal from inside the waistband, belt and shoulder holsters. However, all of these require an outer garment, and there are individuals who pick up on this. Cuff case and magazine pouch are constructed to look like… Read More

Lawful Carry: G-Code GXS Xtreme Service Holster

Over the past decade, I have evaluated some good holsters. On the other hand, I have also seen some horrible holsters. One thing I consider when evaluating holsters is the fact that many (if not most) are task specific—a thigh drop holster may be needed by some operators, but is… Read More

Offbeat: Vang Comp Systems Shotgun Accessories

Like my clothing, shotguns seem to come back into fashion every six or seven years. And every time they do, there blossoms an attendant array of after-market gadgets and gizmos that aren’t worth a damn—and a few useful accoutrements that can actually improve your battle capability. It seems… Read More

The Cutting Edge: Crucible Series Knives

In the excellent training video entitled Surviving Edged Weapons, the point is made that we live in a blade culture. While there are a large number of individuals who carry a firearm daily, that number is dwarfed by those who carry an edged weapon. The search for individual weapons is… Read More