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Lawful Carry: Shellback Tactical Go Time Chest Rig

Over the years I have written articles on go bags for active shooter scenarios. While most of the bags were very good pieces of gear, some of them would have been better off if they had made the bag, vest or chest rig smaller. Let me explain. Read More

Offbeat: Upgrading The AK

There is no doubt that the AK-47 has become a mainstream firearm. As it continues to make inroads, we are seeing more and more innovative products. We also see products that are less than functional and some that are just plain junk. The biggest complaint from my students about AKs,… Read More

Free Bullets: From .22 To .223

In the prior two issues we covered conversion kits that enabled the .22 Long Rifle (LR) cartridge to be fired in firearms designed for larger cartridges. If you believe—like I do—that the .22 LR round is an economical way to practice, your local range is probably littered with the small… Read More

Lawful Carry: Back-Up Guns: Three New Carry Options

There have been discussions for many years on how to carry a second gun. I remember as a small boy sitting around the kitchen table and listening to my Dad and other deputies talk about how to carry a back-up gun (BUG) effectively. And all these years later, that is… Read More

Offbeat: SureFire Pen

The SureFire Pen—the brainchild of Steve Ryan, director of SureFire’s Edged Weapons Division—is a new addition to the SureFire line of products. Designed to meet the needs of high-risk professionals, the SureFire Pen is built to be virtually indestructible and features an emergency window breaker. Although bold in design, it’s… Read More

Lawful Carry: Blade-Tech Tactical Light Holster

Over the last decade I have participated in a lot of training on both sides of the firing line, as a student and an instructor. Two aspects of training that are almost always included are how to clear malfunctions when the gun stops running and how to perform reloads—both speed… Read More

Jammin’ Mags: Proper Care and Feeding of Magazines

As the years go rapidly by, I sometimes reflect on why people do the things they do. I don’t mean things like breathing, eating and procreating, but chores like loading magazines. Specifically M4-type magazines. Right now, commonly used M4 magazines are made of aluminum (issue magazines and their clones),… Read More

The Cutting Edge: Strider’s DB Concealable Crowbar With An Edge

From time to time, circumstances arise that result in a solid piece of gear being developed. In the mid-1990s, a California officer—whose jurisdiction included three interstates, an international airport, major truck stops and a rail line—identified the need for a new tool. This tool needed to be capable of… Read More

She Carries Concealed: But It Ain’t Easy…

If a gun and concealment holster cause pain and discomfort, most SWAT readers simply buy a new holster. What would you do, however, if most holsters jabbed the gun mercilessly into your ribs or hips, and comfortable holsters required voluminous garments to conceal the gun? Would that make carrying concealed… Read More