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Everyday Carry Gear: How Much Is Too Much?

The question of how much gear the private citizen should have with him on a daily basis is a difficult one. This discussion usually devolves into, “If you only carry this, you’re an idiot. If you don’t carry what I do, you’re a moron.” Read More

Batch Reloading: Time is Money

Final step is seating the bullet into the case. In the beginning, there was Bullseye pistol shooting, and it was good. Then came High Power Rifle shooting, and that too was good. And then PPC (also known throughout the land as Position Bullseye shooting), and Handgun Silhouette, and… Read More

Lawful Carry: Ring’s Manufacturing Blue Guns

Ruger LCR and Ring’s LCR replica. Amount of detail is astonishing. We have all heard the old saying, “Practice makes perfect.” A better way to say it is, “Only perfect practice makes perfect.” In other words, if you are practicing something the wrong way, you are only ingraining… Read More

Long Guns: Trijicon SRS

I’ve been a big fan of Trijicon’s ACOG series since I first tried it. I use one of the USMC RCOs on the M4 I use most often. Along with a couple of other optical sights, I rate it as the best available for the M4. I don’t use red dot sights as often as I do sights with magnification. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the advantages of the red dot for CQC, but due to my eyes, I don’t see red dots clearly. I normally see multiple dots. I gather from talking to other aging shooters that this is relatively common. Read More

The Loading Bench: Ammo Handloading Primer

Quality powder measure, such as this RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure, is a must. The high price and limited availability of ammunition remain concerns to all shooters. You can get ahead of the game by rolling your own. I received a basic reloading setup as a Christmas gift… Read More

The Cutting Edge: Toolbox Tomahawks

In frontier days, a well-armed individual often carried a chopper, as did America’s first official homesteader, Mr. Daniel Freeman of Beatrice, Nebraska. Photo: Library of Congress Since Paleolithic times and into the Bronze Age, small axes were one of the most valued tools. A hafted tool stores energy… Read More

Finding Fifth Gear: US PALM AK Upgrades

I have been working with the Arsenal SLR-107F rendition of the modern Russian AK 100 series (MY FIRST KALASHNIKOV, December 2012 S.W.A.T.; D.I.Y. AK MODS, February 2013 S.W.A.T.) and was impressed by the potential of the rifle but frustrated by the limitations of the stock configuration. A trusted friend put me in touch with US PALM to see what some simple upgrades would do. US PALM has spent solid time looking at the AK problem and invested effort in bringing its potential out to become capability for shooters. I ordered some parts and stood by. Read More

Offbeat: SureFire M720V RAID WeaponLight

When it comes to weapon-mounted lights, SureFire® wrote the book. Since its introduction in 1986 of the first weapon-mounted light (a novel concept at the time), SureFire has continued to set the standard by which all weaponlights are judged. Read More