SIG Sauer P229 Legion equipped with SureFire X300UH-B WeaponLight in Masterfire Rapid Deploy Holster. Belt loops position pistol’s grip lower than normal, making this holster not ideal for concealed carry.

Defensive handguns have evolved over the years with the addition of mounted weaponlights, red dot sights, and sometimes suppressors. Finding a proper holster can at times be problematic, especially if more than one handgun is used.SureFire has come up with an ingenious solution: the Masterfire® Rapid Deploy Holster (RDH), one holster that can be used for multiple handguns equipped with a SureFire weaponlight, red dot sights, and suppressors.

Unlike all other holsters, which secure the handgun by fitting it to the holster, the RDH secures the handgun by interfacing with H-Series WeaponLights instead of the holster.

By having an open top, the RDH is compatible with red dot sights, and by being open on the bottom, it can accommodate a suppressor.

Belt loops are adjustable and accommodate up to 2½-inch belts. Standard thumb break is shown.

The RDH is constructed from a durable lightweight polymer. The belt loops can be adjusted to fit up to 2½-inch belts. A duty belt or other heavy gunbelt is strongly recommended.The RDH is equipped with a primary lock in the form of a thumb break that provides Level I security. The thumb break retracts a pin that secures the light. The holster comes with two extensions for the thumb break, for those who may have trouble reaching it. An extension simply snaps down on the primary thumb break and is secured firmly in place with a screw from the rear of the holster.

RDH holster includes two extensions for thumb break for shooters with smaller hands.

A rotating cam lock on the outside of the holster converts the RDH to a Level III security holster. When this safety is pointed down, a pin is extended that overrides the thumb break. Pointing it up retracts the pin, allowing the thumb break to be used.With practice, both retention devices can be released in one smooth motion, but a caveat is in order here.

It seems natural to rotate the cam lock with the index (trigger) finger, but there was a natural tendency for the finger to curl while drawing and it sometimes ended up in the trigger guard. I found that using the middle knuckle on the middle finger to release the cam lock permitted the trigger finger to remain straight.

Automatic light activation switch in “OFF” position. Level III cam lock (at left side of holster) is in deactivated position.

One of the interesting features on the RDH is its light-activation switch, which automatically turns the light/laser on while presenting the pistol. A switch clearly marked “ON” and “OFF” is on the outside of the holster. When selecting “ON,” a lever extends on the outside of the holster and activates the switch. By selecting “OFF,” the lever is retracted and the light is turned on in the normal fashion.If I were to wear this holster, I would likely leave the automatic switch in the “OFF” position so as not to “paint” my position when presenting the pistol.

To verify the RDH can be used with different handguns, I tried using it with a X300UH-B WeaponLight and four different handguns: a Glock 19, Kimber Warrior 1911, SIG Sauer P229 Legion, and Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0. The RDH worked with equal aplomb with all four.

Design of RDH secures handgun in holster by interfacing with the weaponlight rather than the firearm. Light is SureFire X300UH-B WeaponLight.

I think this would be a great holster for the range, hunting, or competition, but find it lacking for concealed carry. The belt loops position the holster about three inches lower than other outside-the-waistband holsters and thus do not conceal the pistol except with the longest of cover garments.Currently only available in a right-hand version, the suggested retail price is $169.00. At first blush this may seem high-priced for a plastic holster, but consider that other holsters that can hold a handgun with a weaponlight but cannot support a red dot sight, let alone a suppressor, can run around $130.

By facilitating the use of many different models of handguns with lights, red dot sights, and suppressors, the RDH can be a bargain for those who need such a holster.


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