Whether formally declared by our “leaders” or not, make no mistake that the world is at war.

Police officers have been assassinated while sitting in their patrol cars, and publishers have been murdered for having the audacity to print a caricature.

And race baiters continue to drive a wedge between private citizens and peace officers while padding their own checkbooks. While the mainstream media was oh so politically correct, lumping all the gatherings together as demonstrations, there were also riots—and anyone with two active brain cells saw it with their own eyes.

How do you protect yourself and your loved ones in dangerous times? You may enroll in shooting courses, and you may even take some tactical courses (no, they are not the same thing). But when all is said and done, what will serve you best are increasing your situational awareness and developing the right mindset.

Good situational awareness means living in Condition Yellow unless you are sleeping. A good way to increase your situational awareness is to play “what if” games. What will you do if someone crashes through your door while you’re watching TV? Can you access your firearms? What improvised weapon(s) can you use until you get to a firearm?

When driving, be mindful of being followed. What if someone attempts a carjack at a stoplight? Do you have room to maneuver out of danger? (Hint: if you can’t see the tires of the car in front of you, you probably don’t have room to get around it.)

The correct mindset, while casually talked about by many people, is harder to cultivate. Now—not during an attack—is the time to honestly ask yourself if you are capable of taking a human life.

Once you have made the decision that good will triumph over evil, it does not matter if the assailant is a Muslim Jihadist, a whacked-out Christian evangelist, or even a pregnant atheist. If you believe they may injure or kill you, your loved ones or an innocent third party, you must act with speed and aggression and not quit until they cease to become a threat.

Sitting around singing “Give Peace a Chance” may be admirable, but the fact of the matter is that evil exists. Stay frosty, America.

Until next time, stay low and watch your back.


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