April 2015

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Polymer Precision: ROBAR PolymAR-15

Perhaps best known for high-performance finishes such as NP3, Poly T-2, Roguard, and blackened stainless, Robbie Barrkman and his company ROBAR need no introduction to readers of this magazine. But you may not know that the medical and aerospace industries also make up a large part of ROBAR’s business, and… Read More

Pillar Bed That Rifle!: Repeatable Accuracy Every Shot

Over the past 20 years, bedding rifles has developed much like everything else in the gun industry. Most of these bedding techniques have vastly improved the rifle/stock relationship and repeatability in a tactical or precision rifle. When I first had a sniper rifle placed in my hands, it was… Read More

Offbeat: Meals Ready to Eat

Meals Ready to Eat, or simply MREs, are the main individual self-contained field ration for U.S. military personnel. MREs are primarily intended for use in combat or field conditions where other food facilities may not be available. They have been around for over 30 years, but their roots stretch back… Read More

Good Guys Win!: Second Amendment in Action

It was late on a Tuesday night in December when the 14-year-old staying at his grandparents' house in Mint Hill, North Carolina heard the sound of footsteps on the back porch. When he went to investigate, he saw two unidentified shadowy figures. His grandfather was not home, so the young man retrieved a gun to protect himself and his grandmother. Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Right To Rebellion

Is there a right to rebel against government? “No way!” says Paul Begala. So who is Begala and why should his opinion count for anything? He was a chief strategist of the 1992 Clinton/Gore presidential campaign and a prominent advisor to Clinton. He later co-hosted CNN’s Crossfire political-debate program. Read More

Shoot House All-Stars: CQB With Instructor Dream Team

EAG Tactical has recently shifted a large chunk of its annual training calendar to shoot house classes and has struggled to accommodate all interested and qualified students. The course is designed as a short dive into the subject built on a two-man team live-fire format. EAG shoot… Read More

Mighty Miniature: Browning Black Label 1911-22

“My, that is cute!” The grizzled, scarred, nasty old Command Sergeant Major looked like the last critter on earth who’d call a pistol “cute.” His military and police careers had made him as hard as woodpecker lips, and “cute” sounded strange coming from him. However, “cute” is the perfect word… Read More

Briefing Room: Stay Frosty

Whether formally declared by our “leaders” or not, make no mistake that the world is at war. Police officers have been assassinated while sitting in their patrol cars, and publishers have been murdered for having the audacity to print a caricature. And race baiters continue to drive a… Read More