February 2018

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REALISTIC FORCE-ON-FORCE: Ultimate Training Munitions Ammo

UTM rifle conversion includes UTM safety magazine. UTM blue safety mag does not accept 5.56mm ammo. Even if a magazine that accepts live ammo is used, offset firing pin designed for rimfire ammo will not fire live ammo centerfire cartridge.Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) makes a… Read More

RUGER HOMERUN! Mark IV 22/45 Lite

With its SKS .22 Suppressor and Volquartsen Accuracy Trigger, Johnston found new Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite the perfect .22 Long Rifle all-around pistol.When I was 14 years old, I got my first Ruger .22 Standard Model pistol for Christmas. It was the six-inch barreled… Read More

GUNS, NOT DRUGS: Inexpensive Shooting Solutions

I read a meme recently that said something like, “Teach your kids to shoot and they won’t have money for drugs.” We can all laugh at that because there’s a bit of truth to it. Guns are expensive. Ammo’s expensive. And let’s not forget about everything else we’re spending money… Read More

HOMELAND SECURITY: Measures To Make Your Home Safer

Keep all bushes, hedges, and other vegetation well-trimmed to deprive bad guys of hiding places.For most of us, our homes are a sacred place of peace and comfort and hopefully the one setting where we can shut out the stress and madness of the outside… Read More

FIVE-YARD ROUNDUP: Timed Close-Up Shooting Drill

As I work with different groups of shooters and organizations, I routinely see a significant training gap: solid hits under realistic time pressure at relatively close range. A compelling body of evidence from anecdotal as well as organizational studies shows that the fight is likely to happen with the interested parties separated only by a few steps. Read More


Unique aesthetic with CMMG MkG 45 Guard is 15-inch KeyMod Rail surrounding 16-inch barrel with SV brake protruding from forend. End user can modify rifle as needed. Photo: CMMGThe urge to take advantage of AR modularity, ergonomics, optics mounting, and accuracy with cartridges other than… Read More

OFFBEAT: Magpul PMAG for 300 BLK

Magpul PMAG 30 AR 300 B GEN M3 is a dedicated, purpose-designed magazine for 300 BLK. While some 300 BLK rounds function reliably in 5.56mm magazines, others do not.The 300 AAC Blackout® (.300 BLK/7.62x35mm) gives you options not found in any other factory cartridge for… Read More

LONG GUNS DRD: Tactical Kivaari Takedown Rifle

Some months ago, I covered the DRD Tactical 7.62x51mm Takedown Tactical Rifle. I hadn’t planned to revisit DRD’s rifles this soon, but I’m writing a book on .338 Lapua sniping rifles and was so intrigued by DRD’s Kivaari, which is not only a takedown .338 Lapua Magnum (LM) sniping rifle but also a self-loading one, that I felt compelled to evaluate it. Read More