Over the past decade, I have evaluated some good holsters. On the other hand, I have also seen some horrible holsters. One thing I consider when evaluating holsters is the fact that many (if not most) are task specific—a thigh drop holster may be needed by some operators, but is not suitable for everyday carry.

Over the same years I have been in and around law enforcement and the need for different holsters has come up. Working security and then the road, my primary carry pistol has been a Colt Commander that my Grandfather wore on duty. Policy dictates a strong-side duty holster in either black basket weave or black nylon. Again fine for uniform duty, but sorely lacking for concealed carry. As a bailiff I often wore a shoulder holster, which worked well in that environment but is not recommended for the beach.

GSX is molded to precisely fit a particular handgun.

Long-time readers will know that my personal preference is for inside the waistband rigs, but there are many quality outside the waistband holsters that offer reasonable security and are not too hard to conceal under a light cover garment. One such holster is G-Code’s top of the line GXS Xtreme Service Holster.

One-size-fits-all does not cut the mustard when it comes to defensive equipment—the best holsters are weapon-specific, i.e. made to fit one model of pistol. The GXS is made using precision CAD technology, with the result being a perfect fit for a particular weapon. How tight the weapon fits—and thus drawn—can be changed by the user via a tension screw.

Rear of holster showing hardware that allows fitting to other G-Code accessories.

Unlike some G-Code designs, which use two pieces of Kydex, the GXS uses a single sheet of the strong, space-age material. Folding it over and molding it to the weapon results in minimum weight and size. This design also takes up less space on the belt compared to the two-piece design of other G-Code holsters. The GXS is made with .125 Kydex sheeting—a thicker grade Kydex than usual—and will therefore give the holster a longer service life.

Like the entire G-Code line of holsters, the GXS is built on a modular system, so various attachment methods can be used and one holster can meet different carrying needs.

Magazines are offset in carrier for ease of manipulation.

While evaluating the GXS holster, I also tried one of G-Code’s double magazine carriers. This double mag holder is made from a thinner Kydex and the body is constructed from two pieces. The two halves are secured with two metal rivets at the bottom and a tension screw at the top center. The magazines are offset in the carrier for ease of manipulation. The first magazine in the first pouch is slightly higher and has a forward cant. The second pouch holds the magazine nearer to vertical in a more conventional manner.

Overall I found both the holster and magazine carrier to be of good quality and very much in the running for all around, sound gear. Both the holster and magazine carrier are available in Black, Foliage Green and Coyote Tan. Suggested retail for the GXS is $65.00. Suggested retail for the magazine carrier is $34.95.


Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc.
Dept. S.W.A.T.
1000 Biltmore Drive
Fenton, MO 63026
(636) 343-7547

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