As most readers probably know, Colonel Jeff Cooper passed away on 26 September 2006. The funeral was private, consisting of only family and a few close friends. A public memorial service for the Colonel will be held at the NRA Whittington Center on 10 May 2007 at 1330hrs.

Accommodations are possible, but limited, at the Whittington Center, and a huge number of people are expected to attend the service, so early reservations are recommended. The Whittington Center can be reached at (505) 445-3615. Lodging is also available in nearby Raton, New Mexico and Trinidad, Colorado.

I first met Colonel Cooper in 1976 when he founded the American Pistol Institute in Paulden, Arizona. I never, however, called him “Jeff,” but instead referred to him as Colonel or Mister Cooper. I would also not be so presumptuous as to call him a friend—I was simply too in awe of the man and his life’s accomplishments over the years to do so.

If there is any way you can make it, Publisher Rich Lucibella and myself hope to see you on 10 May at the Whittington Center to celebrate the life of Colonel John Dean “Jeff” Cooper.


If you are serious about training—and if you carry a firearm for self-defense, you should be—you will appreciate this issue. From counter-ambush training in cars to how the experts train; and from private tutorial courses to instructor certification programs, there is something for everyone in this installment.

I know it’s the middle of winter and most readers are probably wishing for warmer, longer days so they can get to the range. However, turn these cold, inclement days to your advantage. Winter is a great time to see if that new, clean-all-do-all Super Wonder lube you received for a Christmas present actually is an “all-weather, all-environment” product.

Putting your skills to the test now may reveal weaknesses in your technique or carry style that you never knew existed. There is no such thing as a fair-weather gunfight.

Until next time, stay low and watch your back.

Denny Hansen

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