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Build Your Own FAL Rifle!

The FAL earned the moniker “Right Arm of the Free World” because it was adopted in over 90 countries all over the globe and was manufactured in ten different countries. It saw action in every kind of extreme climate. Read More

To Sight or Not to Sight: The Case For Point Firing

If one finds himself in a situation in which he has time to use the sights, then, by all means, use the sights. However, if the conflict begins at less than ten feet, in the dark, and very rapidly, as it is statistically likely to, point firing is the way to survive. Read More

Sub Caliber Machineguns: Are They Still Practical?

Certainly the “entertainment media” will place an SMG in the hands of the hero, anti-hero or villain. Anyone worth paying attention to in film genres such as war, gangster, action and others, will use a submachine gun of one type or another. Read More

Combat Focus: Instinctive Shooting For The Real World

Within just a few short years, Valhalla Training Center has gone from relative obscurity to being one of the country’s top training centers. This is in no small part due to the Combat Focus™ course developed by Rob Pincus—Valhalla’s Director of Operations. Read More

Gun Mavens: How the Experts Train

I have had a gun of one type or other in my hand for the better part of 40 years and consider myself, if you will, a “Gun Maven.” Others might say, perhaps more accurately, that I am just another old “Gun Crank,” but I take firearms ownership and skill maintenance very seriously, and it is my responsibility to honor the Second Amendment... Read More

Tactical Response: Scattergun Technologies TR-870

Without question, the Remington 870 shotgun has ridden in more police cruisers than any other scattergun in history. Its rugged design and legendary reliability make it a popular choice for departments and agencies. But even a good thing can be improved upon. Read More

Thumper TG 6 Non-Pyrotechnic: A Bang Without The Boom

After early uses by the Israelis at Entebbe, the West Germans in Mogadishu and the British at Princes Gate, the idea of using a very bright and loud noise to distract the Bad Guys before coming through their door spread to American law enforcement tactical teams. Read More

AR-15 Kits: Do’s And Don’ts Of Building Your Own AR

It’s no secret that the AR is the most customizable rifle on the planet. You can look at the rifle rack at any range and see twenty ARs each of which is different in its own way. Until now, you’ve bought your ARs complete (or maybe this is your first AR) and tailored them to your liking. Read More