December 2018

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U.S. Army’s base element for CQB relies on a four-man team. During the height of fighting in Iraq in the mid-2000s, SF found the four-man stack lacking when faced with real close-quarters combat. Photo: courtesy DOD Stacking up—entering a room to conduct close-quarters battle (CQB)—is… Read More

PRIORITIES FOR PREPPERS: From Gasoline to Gardens

Dry seasoned firewood for the upcoming winter. I recently ran into an acquaintance at a gun show. He moved here a couple years ago from the east coast, bought 60 acres and a nice house up in the hills, and got interested in preparedness. He… Read More

OFFBEAT: Zelos Mako Bronze Diver Watch

Zelos Mako Bronze Diver watch on rubber diving strap. I have always been fascinated with firearms, watches, and flashlights, striving for better models as long as I have available funds. At times I’ll ask myself, “Do I really need another?” I’m sure many readers can… Read More

LONG GUNS: Century Arms C39v2 Blade

Thompson shoots C39v2 Blade. Blood on his trigger finger is from firing string of shots rapidly and banging finger against either the trigger guard or receiver. It took a while, but I have become a convert to the rifle-caliber semi-auto pistol with arm brace. In… Read More

LAWFUL CARRY: Armed and Sneaky

It only takes seconds to go from slung across the back … I recently spent a weekend with LTC Dave Grossman, training at Thunder Ranch. As always happens when gun guys get together, we talked about all things guns. I recalled a comment the colonel… Read More

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Gearward Escape Tools

Hostage situation exercise conducted at McEntire Joint National Guard Base in cooperation with South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. Being taken hostage or kidnapped can happen to anyone. DoD photo by TSGT James Burnette. We live in an age of increasing terrorism and criminal activity. Hostage… Read More

STREET SMARTS It’s a Good Time To Prepare for Bad Times

My buddy was depressed, seriously down in the dumps. We were meeting for our every-few-weeks beer at a local Mexican joint. He’s an old friend who has worked in the newspaper and communications business his entire life. He’s also a serious practicing liberal. I like him anyway. “Are you kidding… Read More

GOOD GUYS WIN! Second Amendment in Action

While skill trumps gear, good gear like this Langdon Tactical Beretta can make it easier to apply learned skills. Pepperoni, Anchovies, and Ambush It seemed like another routine Thursday night delivery run for the Beaver Run, Pennsylvania pizza driver. He pulled up to a house,… Read More