While skill trumps gear, good gear like this Langdon Tactical Beretta can make it easier to apply learned skills.
While skill trumps gear, good gear like this Langdon Tactical Beretta can make it easier to apply learned skills.

Pepperoni, Anchovies, and Ambush

It seemed like another routine Thursday night delivery run for the Beaver Run, Pennsylvania pizza driver. He pulled up to a house, knocked on the door, and exchanged the pie for payment. It wasn’t until he was returning to his vehicle that things went sideways. He was approached by a knife-wielding man who demanded he hand over his money.

When he didn’t comply, the robber attacked him, stabbing him multiple times. During the struggle, the pizza driver was able to retrieve a handgun he kept in his vehicle, puling it out and firing at his attacker. Struck in the chest, the assailant ran most of a city block before collapsing on the front porch of a residence and bleeding out. The critically wounded robber was transported to a hospital, where he died of his wound. The pizza driver was determined to have acted in self-defense and faced no criminal charges, but was fired by Domino’s.

SOURCE: KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 8/10/18

Jogging To Help

In broad daylight on a Friday in late July, a homeowner in a nice neighborhood in suburban Yukon, Oklahoma heard the sound of the chime on the door leading from his house to his open garage. Thinking that the chime might have been caused by an unlatched door and a shift in air pressure, he went and pulled it to, then turned back to his work. But the door chimed again. Walking back to latch it a second time, he felt the door handle turn in his hand, obviously being pulled by someone in the garage on the other side.

The homeowner jerked the door closed and threw the deadbolt, then ran and retrieved a .45-caliber pistol before returning and opening the door to see who was in the garage. There was a man in his garage who ducked out the back door. The homeowner followed, expecting to see the back of the fleeing prowler, but instead was confronted by the man in his yard. The homeowner chambered a round in his handgun, ordered the intruder onto the ground, and had him crawl to the front of the house, where a passing jogger helped by dialing 911. Arresting officers found a mask in the pocket of the prowler.

SOURCE: KWTV, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 7/31/18

Two Good Samaritans

The man intending to rob a convenience store on the northeast side of Indianapolis, Indiana got more than he bargained for on a hot August weekend. It was a little after 6:00PM on a Saturday evening when the would-be robber burst into the store, brandishing a gun and announcing a holdup. Police say that he had time to “cock his gun” for emphasis before the tables were suddenly and decisively turned.

Not one, but two customers drew concealed pistols of their own and fired on the robber. Their hits took effect and caused the gunman to collapse. First responders transported the critically wounded man to an area hospital, where he died of his wounds. A neighborhood man told reporters, “He probably did save somebody’s life. But still, for them to do that, that was cool. That was real nice. I used to think this was one of the safe service stations because they got security in there already.”

SOURCE: WISH-TV, Indianapolis, Indiana, 8/11/18

Cable Conflict

Around midnight on a Tuesday in Houston, Texas, a pair of cable company technicians were preparing to get to work in their boom truck for another routine night on the job. They were surprised by a pair of teenage assailants, one of whom was brandishing a pistol and demanding money. One technician proned himself out on the ground and felt a knee in his back, then heard the sounds of a gunfight break out over his head.

His partner, who had a licensed concealed handgun, had drawn down on their robbers and started shooting, hitting one gunman in the leg and causing him to collapse on the spot. The other assailant made it back to the getaway car, which sped off. The wounded would-be robber was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

SOURCE: KTRK-TV, Houston, Texas, 8/15/18

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