Simply Rugged Holsters 120 holster, belt and cartridge slides made an excellent rig for Hansen’s 110-year old Colt New Service.

It seems that everyone with a heat gun and a credit card to order supplies is making Kydex® holsters, with compact and sub-compact sheaths the current hot tickets.Staying with plastic, the job of finding a holster for a revolver is a bit tougher, even for small J-Frame-type wheelguns. The task gets more difficult the larger and rarer the revolver is. Ever try finding a good range holster for a large-frame revolver that’s over a century old?

I recently attended an event at Gunsite with the theme “.45 Festival,” using semi-autos, double-action revolvers, and single-action revolvers.

I naturally chose a 1911 for the self-loader and, with a couple boxes full of gear for that pistol, finding a holster and mag pouches made for an easy day.

For the thumb-cocker, I decided to take my Schofield (Black Hills Ammunition makes .45 Schofield ammo) along with a holster and belt made by Ross Leather in South Africa.

Handgun as big as Colt New Service needs a heavy-duty holster.

Going old school, for the double-action I selected my Colt New Service chambered in .45 Colt. Since records from Colt show this particular New Service was made in 1907, not to mention that it’s the largest framed revolver ever made by Colt, I thought it might be a chore to find a holster. Nope.I called Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged Holsters and found he makes several holsters for the New Service.


Browsing Simply Rugged’s extensive line of offerings, the holster I decided on was the Model 120.

Simply Rugged Holsters uses full-grain cowhide from Hermann Oak Leather—the standard in the industry—to build their holsters and leather accessories. The thread is a heavy-duty nylon that won’t rot over time. Each leather holster is hand molded around each type of firearm to provide a snug fit and hold the gun securely. All edges are burnished, making them smooth to the touch and easy on clothing.

The 120 is a traditional holster, styled after the George Lawrence Company’s timeless field holster. Elmer Keith contributed to the design, requesting a long tail on the retention strap for a more positive hold on the strap. While the longer-than-usual retention strap is standard, I ordered mine without the strap, as I planned to use it strictly as a range, not field, holster.

Long shank on back of 120 helps support the handgun by stiffening the holster.

The shank on the back of the 120 extending down from the belt loop is long and stiffens the holster to help support the gun on the belt and prevent it from flopping around.With an overall length of 11 inches and a height of five inches, the New Service is a large handgun. It weighs 40.3 ounces loaded—only about two ounces heavier than an S&W M29 .44 Magnum with comparable barrel length.

A good belt designed to carry a handgun is as important as the holster, to keep it from sagging and becoming uncomfortable, placing more strain on the back and waist. This concern is magnified with a larger, heavier handgun.

I wore the New Service and 120 holster on a Simply Rugged 1¾-inch lined gunbelt for hours on end with absolutely no discomfort.

Two six-round cartridge slides completed the rig.

Since speed loaders didn’t exist 100 years ago, I completed the rig by ordering a couple of six-round cartridge slides. They exhibited the same attention to detail as the 120 holster.I wanted a traditional look, so I ordered the holster, belt and cartridge slide in Tan, though Simply Rugged also offers Oxblood (dark red) and Black.

The base price of the Model 120 is $80.00, and Simply Rugged Holsters offers the following options: Border Stamping + $10.00, Basket Weave + $25.00, Fish Scale Embossing + $70.00, Celtic Knot Carving + $70.00.

If you’re looking for a holster for a hard-to-fit handgun, or just something out of the ordinary, check out Simply Rugged Holsters.


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