Stopping for the night in an Albuquerque motel during a cross-country drive, a former TV news anchor was surprised in the parking lot by a strong-arm robber. As he forced her back into her motel room, she kept her cool, remembering her training as a reserve deputy. While the robber held a gun on her and rummaged through her belongings, her husband walked out of the shower and witnessed the tableaux.

Calmly handing her purse to her husband, she asked as casually as possible, “Is there anything in here we can give him?” “Oh, yes,” answered her husband, also a former TV reporter as well as a Special Forces veteran. He proceeded to pull her pistol out of the purse, and a gunfight ensued. The robber was killed in the exchange of shots, while the husband, though hit three times, survived after receiving medical care.

SOURCE: KRQE-TV, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 7/1/15

Having an individual first aid kit available is invaluable in the event you or a loved becomes a casualty in a violent encounter.


It was two in the afternoon on a July day in San Antonio, Texas when a pair of armed men walked into an auto parts store and demanded money. But the owner wasn’t easily cowed, and produced a handgun of his own. What the robbers had hoped would be an easy score instead turned into a gun battle.

The intrepid owner quickly gained the upper hand. One bandit crumpled to the floor while the other sprinted to a getaway car and sped off. EMS workers detected a pulse on the downed bandit, who initially had been presumed dead. He was bundled into an ambulance, but died en route to the hospital.

SOURCE: WOAI-AM, San Antonio, Texas, 7/7/15


An armed robber entered a Domino’s pizza delivery restaurant in Albuquerque late on a June night and held up the establishment for the cash on hand. Robbery successful, he exited the restaurant and noticed one of the delivery drivers in the parking lot. Thinking to add to his haul, he approached the driver, gun out, and demanded cash.

Instead of forking over his pizza delivery dough, the driver pulled a handgun of his own and opened fire, hitting the robber in the face. The robber lay in the parking lot until police arrived. He was admitted to the hospital, listed in critical condition, and would face armed robbery charges upon his release.

SOURCE: KRQE-TV, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 6/29/15


The owner of a small grocery store in Fort Worth, Texas was working behind the counter early one June afternoon when three men entered his establishment and demanded money. At least one of the holdup men was brandishing a shotgun, so the owner fished his wallet out and handed it over to the unarmed accomplice before pulling his own handgun and opening fire on the bandits.

In the face of his determined counterattack, the bandits fled, but the store owner’s shots had hit their intended target, leaving the shotgun-wielding stickup man on the floor. He was pronounced dead on the scene when authorities arrived, and the two robbers the owner hadn’t shot were being sought by police.

SOURCE: KTVT-TV, Fort Worth, Texas, 6/17/15

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