A long gun can prove very effective in some home-defense situations.

“Stop! I’ve Got a Gun”

It was late on a Tuesday night in December when the 14-year-old staying at his grandparents’ house in Mint Hill, North Carolina heard the sound of footsteps on the back porch. When he went to investigate, he saw two unidentified shadowy figures. His grandfather was not home, so the young man retrieved a gun to protect himself and his grandmother.

The window shattered and the first intruder reached through, trying to climb into the house. The teenager challenged him. “Stop! I’ve got a gun! Stop!” but the man continued his attempt to get through the window. The young man opened fire with three shots, causing the intruder to tumble back out the window, fatally wounded, and his accomplice to flee. The second intruder was arrested and identified as a man who had burglarized the residence twice in previous months after casing the house under the pretext of an HVAC inspection.

Source: WBTV, Charlotte, North Carolina, 12/16/2014

Two Can Play at That Game

On a Thursday afternoon on Milwaukee’s northwest side, a man approached a woman and produced a gun, ordering her to hand over her valuables. The robber had made a critical error in the victim selection process, however, when it turned out that the woman he’d selected as his target had a concealed carry permit and a pistol of her own.

Instead of handing over her valuables as ordered, she drew her pistol and opened fire on her assailant, who ran away. Authorities told reporters that as he fled, he fired at her but missed, and his intended victim was unhurt. Milwaukee police were still searching for the attacker.

Source: WISN, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 11/13/2014

Shotgun vs. Rifle

Hearing a loud noise in the middle of the night, the veteran of two tours in Afghanistan feared his aunt’s 88-year-old mother had fallen down the stairs. Running into the hallway, he encountered his aunt, and discovered that the sound was a trio of men kicking in the front door of their High Point, North Carolina home. He instinctively retrieved his shotgun from his room, and as he ran back out, the front door flew open.

“He’s got a gun!” shouted one of the intruders, who raised a rifle and fired. The bullets passed through multiple walls and exited the rear of the house. The Army vet returned fire with his shotgun, hitting at least one assailant, and they all fled. The injured man, who had an extensive record, was arrested at a hospital an hour away. Investigators found evidence that the crew had tried to cut the power to the home before commencing their assault.

Source: High Point Enterprise, High Point, North Carolina, 12/16/2014

He Wanted More

Approached by an armed robber on a nighttime street in New Orleans, the intended victim handed his iPhone over, indicating he didn’t want any trouble. But the phone wasn’t enough for the criminal, who gestured angrily with his handgun and demanded more. At that point, his intended victim drew his own pistol and fired, hitting his assailant in the stomach and sending him fleeing.

When he turned up on a friend’s stepfather’s porch, doubled over and bleeding, the attacker asked to call his mother and claimed to have been the victim of the robbery, but police didn’t buy his story. According to an NOPD spokesman, upon his release from the hospital, the attacker was charged with armed robbery and being a felon in possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Source: The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana, 11/24/2014

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