If it turns into a close-quarters struggle over your gun, have you trained in weapon retention techniques?


Just after two o’clock in the morning, an Indianapolis, Indiana man was awakened by the sound of breaking glass. He grabbed his handgun and moved to investigate the noise. Arriving in his living room, he saw that a shadowy figure had broken out a side window in his home and was advancing toward him.

Fearing not only for his own safety but also that of his sleeping wife and child, the homeowner opened fire, fatally injuring the 18-year-old intruder. Police arrived at the scene in minutes, due to being in the area investigating another burglary, as well as a car break-in in the same neighborhood. While it is unknown if the deceased intruder was responsible for those, he had had several recent arrests for burglary, drug offenses, and possession of a stolen firearm.

SOURCE: WXIN-TV, Indianapolis, Indiana, 6/6/17


Early on a Saturday morning, a Tarpon Springs, Florida woman heard yelling and the sounds of a struggle in the breezeway outside her second-floor apartment. Looking through the peephole, she saw a strange man engaged in a struggle with the 52-year-old woman who lived in the apartment across from hers. Fearing for her neighbor’s safety, she armed herself with a handgun and opened her door, confronting the man and ordering him to leave her neighbor alone.

Instead of fleeing, the man charged at her. Protecting both herself and her three-year-old child behind her, the woman fired several times, striking the man in the leg. Undeterred, the man bulled into her apartment and a struggle ensued. The woman was able to lock herself and her child in the bathroom until the police arrived. Tasers also proved ineffective on the wounded man, and he was finally wrestled into handcuffs after a struggle. The man was wearing only boxer shorts and was reported by investigators to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

SOURCE: WFLA-TV, Tampa, Florida, 7/1/17


In the rural community of Castaic, California, a woman who ran a dog kennel out of her secluded home was awakened by the sound of someone banging on her doors and windows. Rousing herself out of bed, she called police to inform them an attempted burglary was in progress. The pounding continued unabated and moved around to the rear door. The woman retrieved a handgun and, while still on the phone with police, loudly informed the would-be intruder she was armed and would shoot.

Undeterred, the burglar kept kicking at the rear door until it gave way. Forcing his way inside, the intruder was confronted by the armed woman. He advanced and she opened fire, striking him in the chest and ending his invasion attempt. Responding deputies treated him until paramedics arrived, and he was transported to a local hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries before being arrested on burglary charges.

SOURCE: The Santa Clarita Valley Signal, Santa Clarita, California, 6/26/17


Shortly after midnight on a Sunday morning in June, an 83-year-old Dallas man heard the sounds of someone forcing entry into his home. He grabbed a firearm and went to investigate the noises. Sure enough, a stranger had gained entry into the residence.

The elderly homeowner warned the intruder to leave, but instead of leaving, the man began yelling threats and advanced on the homeowner, who fired, striking the intruder in the leg. The injured home invader was transported to a local hospital and treated for his gunshot wound before being taken to the Dallas County jail.

SOURCE: KTVT, Fort Worth, Texas, 6/18/17

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