In the days following the murders at Fort Hood, I heard on the news that an unnamed person working for the FBI stated, and I’m paraphrasing here, that the FBI would be crucified for going after the murderer without more information because he was a Muslim. In short, they did not want to be accused of profiling. Oh my! How politically correct!

One “expert psychiatrist” on the news (and I use the term “news” loosely as well) stated that the murderer was probably “emotionally disturbed.” D’oh! Ya think? People who are not emotionally disturbed don’t slaughter innocent people.

Let’s be clear here: I frankly don’t give a damn if he was a bedwetter, his Daddy missed a few of his Little League games or his Mommy cuddled him on her lap until he was in his teens and made him listen to show tunes. He is simply murdering, terrorist scum—and people who would make excuses for him out of political correctness are not a helluva lot better.

If you get the feeling that I’m angry with the above, you’d be wrong—I’m flat-out pissed!

Liberals and the lamestream media have brainwashed a large percentage of the American people into thinking that profiling is a bad thing. The truth of the matter is that nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that profiling is not bad; in fact it’s part of our instinctive, genetic makeup. Consider the following scenario:

You are standing in the lobby of a large building waiting for an elevator. Two elevators open simultaneously. In one are six young, angry-looking dudes wearing clothes with the same colors. In the other are senior citizens wearing AARP name badges. You decide to get in the elevator with the senior citizens.

Guess what? You callous, mean-spirited person, you! You have just profiled those poor underprivileged young men as gang members—and it may have saved your wallet, if not your life.


You’re a cop on the beat at 0200 and a car pulls out of a bar. Chances are good that the driver is not acting as a decoy for the real drunks still in the bar, so you stop him to make sure he’s not impaired to the point where he may take innocent lives. Profiling on a smaller scale, perhaps, but profiling nonetheless—as well as good police work.

Political correctness needs to go out on the trash heap right along with the flat Earth theory and the global warming scam.

Let’s pray that the next time a homegrown terrorist or Islamo-Fascist is discovered, whether through profiling or not, someone has the guts to speak out and their bosses have the cojones to pass the information along before another massacre occurs.

Until next time, stay low and watch your back.

Denny Hansen

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