On a hot August night, a robber with a pistol in his hand approached the cashier in a Rockdale County, Georgia convenience store and demanded money. As the clerk handed over the till in the face of the drawn gun, the robber noticed another store employee watching.

The holdup man attempted to conceal his firearm and began making for the exit when the clerk at the register produced his own pistol from a shoulder holster and opened fire. The robber fled, and the convenience store employees called 911.

Searching the area for the suspect, police determined that money found in the area had been dropped by the fleeing criminal.

SOURCE: The Rockdale Citizen, Conyers, Georgia, 8/18/15


Attacked in front of his own house as he was returning home from a trip abroad this August, a Lorain, Ohio man struggled with his attacker at the threshold. As the fight between the two men spilled into the house, the homeowner was able to reach a handgun he kept near his front door and fired on his assailant, inflicting fatal wounds.

Police investigating the scene stated the deceased attacker had items on him that indicate he had been trying to force entry into the house before he was surprised by the homeowner’s return, and that the case appears to be one of self-defense.

SOURCE: (The Plain Dealer), Cleveland, Ohio, 8/12/15

Bad guys often come out after dark. Have a means of spotting them.


A 22-year-old male entered a Terrell, Texas convenience store and looked around, asking if there was a restroom. Seeing only the elderly woman behind the counter, he stepped outside briefly and re-entered the store wearing a ski mask and displaying a pistol. He drew his weapon and demanded money before noticing that the woman’s 75-year-old husband was also in the store.

“I told him to go ahead,” said the septuagenarian store owner to reporters later. He described how, when the robber turned away from him, he drew his own pistol and fired once, hitting the robber in the buttocks and sending him fleeing. The owner then showed a yellowed newspaper clipping that reported how he’d shot a previous armed robber “six or seven times” some 20 years earlier. The robber was later captured by police.

SOURCE: The Terrell Tribune, Terrell, Texas, 8/19/15


Late on an August night in Daytona Beach, Florida, a man and woman heard the man’s car start up suddenly. The man yanked the passenger door of his vehicle open to discover a carjacker in the driver’s seat. “Don’t make me use this!” the carjacker growled and gestured as though he had a weapon. At that point, the man’s girlfriend yanked the driver’s door open and began raining punches on the carjacker, who fell out of the open door.

As the fight between the two continued, the car’s owner retrieved his own pistol from inside it and fired on the carjacker, who fled. He was tracked down by the police using bloodhounds. Police told reporters that the carjacking suspect had three prior felony convictions.

SOURCE: WKMG-TV, Orlando, Florida, 8/13/15

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