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BRIEFING ROOM: Open-Carry Win?

There is not a more far-left court in the land than the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals based out of San Francisco, California. For that reason it came as a shock when a three-judge panel, by a two-to-one margin, recently voted to affirm that the Second Amendment allows the open carry of a firearm in

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Training and Tactics: Never Without a Weapon

Weapons can undoubtedly augment one’s performance in physical contact. From David’s humble sling to a precision rifle, irrespective of the circumstances of battle, a weapon of some form or other dramatically increases the warrior’s ability to physically—and/or sometimes mentally—destroy enemies. Why mentally? Because if you think about it, many people who wouldn’t be fazed by

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Smith and Wesson Model 325 Thunder Ranch Revolver

Some 31 years have passed since several other Yavapai County, Arizona, deputies and I petitioned our sheriff to allow the troops to choose between the mandated .38/.357 revolvers or 1911-type pistols. The sheriff finally gave his blessing after meeting with Colonel Jeff Cooper at the American Pistol Institute (API—now Gunsite) and being shown the advantages of the 1911.

The Cutting Edge: Blackhawk MOD SFK Folder

Inspired by the designs of Col. Rex Applegate, W.E. Fairbairn and Brent Beshara’s original UK-SFK™ dagger, the MOD® SFK Folder is a new folding combat knife from Blackhawk. Made in Italy, the SFK Folder features a 3.94-inch long, 0.150-inch thick N690Co stainless-steel spear-point blade, hardened to RC 58-60. It has a 3.5-inch edge. The knife

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Double-Deuce Drills: Real-Deal Rimfire Training

Rimfire ammo is slowly reappearing on shelves after several years of famine. I’m not sure it will come back to truly regular availability for bulk packs anytime soon, but with a little shopping, you can find the rimfire stuff—well, at least for a few minutes before it gets purchased.

Training and Tactics: Preflight Check

We’ve all experienced the problem: the nagging doubt that we’ve forgotten some material possession when setting out on a trip. But, like the proverbial name on the tip of one’s tongue, we can never identify the missing object until it’s too late. Only once you’re too far from your domicile to warrant making a U-turn

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Against All Odds: USMC Survival Kit

During a tactical training class I attended several years ago, the question of survival/E&E (escape & evasion) kits came up. After a quick round-table discussion, it became clear that the students’ definition of survival gear was extra food.

Long Guns: Barrett 98 Bravo .338 Lapua

I started shooting .338 Lapua sniper rifles because I write about military special ops units, and many of them have started using .338 Lapua rifles. Some, in fact, now use the .338 Lapua chambering in their primary long-range rifles. This choice is understandable if you look closely at the cartridge. It has the power to

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Lightweight Browning Black Label and tiny GSL Pill Box are a match made in heaven.

COOL AND QUIET: GSL Technologies Pill Box Suppressor

I’m at a place in life where “cool” really doesn’t resonate with me. It seems that every day, some manufacturer introduces the newest, latest, greatest, coolest thing ever built. I did some training for an Alaska department that bought the newest, coolest gun on the market, and it didn’t work. Once in a great while,

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