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Street Smarts: One Plus One Equals Trouble

The idea of killing people is not funny. Therefore, please know that I am not giggling while writing this column. OK, maybe a little. Our topic of the moment is the “1+1” rule. This principle reminds us that when searching for bad guys or weapons, there is always one above and beyond what you have

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Frontline Debriefs: Newhall Incident Revisited

Virtually from my first day in the LAPD Academy in 1976, I was instructed in all matters relative to officer safety. Los Angeles was a dangerous place. If the traffic, smog, or femmes fatale didn’t get you, the bad guys certainly would! A seminal event in California was the Newhall Incident. It was undoubtedly the

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Frontline Debriefs: It Can Happen!

Very recently, two Los Angeles Police Officers were struck and subsequently injured in separate gunfights. LA is a violent city; about that there can be no mistake. In one Southend division alone, there were seven separate officer involved shootings (OIS) in a span of just eight weeks, and there are 19 geographical divisions that comprise

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Many years ago a great friend of mine, Ray Coffman of Albuquerque, made the prescient comment that our reliance on SWAT would be omnipresent. In other words, evolutions that normal field-grade officers might have addressed in the past would automatically be placed under the purview of SWAT. Ray was an instructor for the Department of

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Training and Tactics: Retaliatory Defensive Shooting

You can dress a pig in a sweatsuit, but that doesn’t make him an Olympic athlete. And you can attend a ten-day defensive firearms course, but that doesn’t make you a gunfighter. It may make you adept in the fields of weapon manipulation and accuracy with a specific firearm. You may even walk out of

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Ringfield Armory .45 XD Pistols: One Size Does Not Fit All

Almost everyone reading this will be familiar with the Springfield Armory name and their products, so no history lesson is required. Springfield Armory is synonymous with M1As, 1911s and most recently their imported Croatian pistol, the XD.

Training and Tactics: The Final Chapter

The textbook is not a Bible—it’s a guide. And the reason people pray to a higher being as soon as a gunfight erupts is not because the military manual suggests this strategy. It’s because the textbook always seems to omit the fact that Murphy’s Law manifests itself one nanosecond after the fun starts. Ergo, the

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A good knife is an integral piece of kit, whether in a war zone, the urban jungle, or a quick trip to the corner store.


Photos by Katie and Rebecca Davis The Emerson CQC-8 is not the newest, trendiest piece of gear. And in this day and age when so many people only look at the latest gear, plenty of time-tested tools can be overlooked. This edged tool is a perfect example, as it has long been associated with the

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Street Smarts: “Pay Attention, Dammit!”

Have you ever found yourself thinking about tree-dwelling rodents or exterior latex paint in the immediate aftermath of a gunfight? It seems certifiably crazy, but having these types of strange, intrusive thoughts during times of crisis is such a prevalent phenomenon that I’m going to expend my monthly allotment of fresh Grade A Pontification to

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Long Guns: Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun

Beretta has a long history of gun production, including fine shotguns. However, when people think of Italian combat shotguns, the first name that comes to mind is likely Benelli rather than Beretta. Beretta did produce the Model 1200/1201, which saw use with a few law enforcement agencies but never achieved wide usage. Beretta has recently

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