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November 2016
November 2016 TOC

November 2016


Harvest some information from the don’t-miss November '16 issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine. With reviews of Faxon's ARAK-21, CZ's Scorpion EVO3, and the Daniel Defense M4 Integrally Suppressed Rifle, it won't leave you hungry for real-world info.

Inside you'll also find tips for reloading quality practice and duty ammo, a review of the GoTenna device for off-grid radio comms using your existing smartphone, and a reprint of Pat Rogers' classic article dispelling cleaning and lubrication myths surrounding the AR family of weapons.

November 2016 PRINT


November 2016 PDF


  • Self-Sealing Satisfaction

    Target-Factory Reactionary Targets

    Eugene Nielsen

  • Turn Up The Quiet!

    Daniel Defense M4 Integrally Suppressed Rifle

    Eugene Nielsen

  • Two Guns, One Bag

    Primary Weapons Systems MK1 MOD 2

    Dave Bahde

  • Serious Stinger

    CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol

    Todd Burgreen

  • Keep Your Carbine Running

    Dispelling Lubrication and Cleaning Myths

    Patrick A. Rogers

  • Benefits Of Selective Breeding

    Faxon Firearms ARAK-21

    Will Dabbs, M.D.

  • Off-Grid Comms

    Text and GPS via Smartphone with goTenna

    Richard Duarte

  • Happy Handgunning

    Loading for Practice and Duty

    Denny Hansen

  • Packing For The Apocalypse

    Realistic Planning for Defensive Firearms

    Colin McVean

“What are you looking at, butthead?!?”

Whenever such a line is uttered at a bar or other gathering, you can rest assured a fight is getting ready to start. Hopefully, the challenge isn’t directed toward you, but sometimes, through a bit of imprudent behavior on your part or simple bad luck, fisticuffs are imminent and you have been given a gold-engraved invitation.

By “fight,” I mean a good old-fashioned, bare-knuckle, ass-whipping brawl. This is opposed to a felonious assault, where the attacker’s goal is to take something from you without warning or provocation. In a fight, you see it coming, may have had some part in instigating it and will, against all common sense, continue blithely forward until someone has a fat lip.