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Dance Resolution

In the wee hours of a Sunday morning, an argument at a Spartanburg, South Carolina nightclub grew heated. One of the men involved in the altercation pulled out a handgun and started firing into a crowd that had formed outside the club, striking several bystanders, at least one critically.

One of the onlookers was licensed to carry a handgun of his own and drew it, returning fire and stopping what could have been a much worse incident. The wounded gunman was taken into custody by arriving officers and faces criminal charges for attempted murder, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, and unlawful carrying of a weapon. The defender cooperated with the police investigation and will not face any charges.

SOURCE: WIS-TV, Columbia, South Carolina, 6/26/16

Blown Over

An argument over leaf blowing in a Macomb Township, Michigan trailer park came to blows when one man, who had reportedly become increasingly hostile over the previous weeks, attacked his neighbor for blowing leaves in his driveway. As the attacker rained blows on his neighbor, the victim was knocked to the ground and lay helpless before a violent assault.

Seeing her boyfriend being pummeled in the yard, the victim’s girlfriend grabbed her .38 revolver and ran out of her home. She pointed the .38 at the attacker and ordered him to stop or be killed. The attacker at last relented and ran back to his home, where he was later arrested by police. His victim suffered traumatic brain injuries, and the couple lived in fear of their neighbor until he was evicted and finally sentenced to ten years for assault with intent to commit great bodily harm less than murder.

SOURCE: WZZM, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 6/29/16

Special Order at the Waffle House

After midnight in a DeSoto, Texas Waffle House restaurant, an AK-wielding robber burst in and robbed the business as well as several customers. When the robber turned to leave, a customer realized his wife was about to pull into the parking lot, so he drew his legally concealed handgun and followed the robber out.

He called out to the robber, who turned and pointed the rifle at him. Fearing for his own safety at this point, he opened fire, striking the robber several times. The wounded holdup man was taken to a hospital, where he was put on life support, and the customer with the pistol was reported as unlikely to face any charges, although the case will be referred to a grand jury per Texas law.

SOURCE: The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 7/12/16

Bluff Called

On a Tuesday night in July, a man wearing a mask and gloves entered the Whistle Stop convenience store in Lancaster, Texas. He placed a sack on the counter and ordered the cashier to put all the store’s money in it. The clerk reached for a hidden handgun and the robber drew a pistol from his waistband, pointing it at the cashier.

The clerk fired and hit the robber, who crumpled to the floor. Calling 911, the clerk removed the gun from the robber’s hand and waited for police. The robber was pronounced dead at Methodist Hospital in Dallas. His pistol turned out to be a BB gun.

SOURCE: KDFW, Dallas, Texas, 7/14/16

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