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Passing the Buck: Managing Pistol Recoil

The pistol is really a weapons system that encompasses the carriage platform that gets the weapon to the fight, the “launcher” (handgun), and the missile that does the work. For best effect, all three have to be tailored to the man, the mission, and the environment. Aside from a… Read More

Getting Out of Dodge: Urban Evacuation Tools for Self-Rescue

When people use the term “evacuation,” they’re usually referring to the temporary but rapid removal of large groups of people from a structure or disaster area as a rescue or precautionary measure. Few of us consider that we may need to do an evacuation or self-rescue from our own… Read More

Top Ten Most Neglected Preps: Forget and Regret

When it comes to preparedness, I usually encourage folks to focus on the basics—food, water, first aid, medical, sanitation, hygiene, self-defense, security, and of course, knowing when to stay put and when to get out. All these things are important, but when I talk about them, some people only hear… Read More

Survival on the Cheap: Ten Preps For Under $20

Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, snowstorms, volcanoes, earthquakes. And those are just some natural hazards—there are also plenty of manmade disasters waiting to ruin a perfectly good day. Truth be told, we can never really know what will come our way or how it will affect us. But given all… Read More

Power to the People: Portable Emergency Generators

A 5000-watt generator is large enough to get the job done, but small enough to move and maneuver as needed. This one has easy access to the gas tank, and oversized solid rubber tires—no flats here. Control panel and plugs are under a clear plastic cover on the… Read More

Bug In: Streetwise Supplies For In-Place Survival

Early on, government building in Sarajevo burns from tank rounds. Siege of Sarajevo lasted three times longer than siege of Stalingrad. Most large buildings were uninhabitable. Photo: Mikhail Evstafiev, via Wikipedia Teddy Roosevelt’s candor was good for many quotes, and one of my favorites is his advice to… Read More

Personal Survival Battery: A Systems Approach

I like to re-read books, because I’ll pick up things I missed the first time through. I’ve read some books a dozen times, and carry a couple with me constantly. I was going through Survival Guns, written by Mel Tappan in 1976, for the umpteenth time when a light… Read More

Stranded: Vehicle Survival Kit

A man stranded for three days on a snowy mountain road in Montana attributed his survival to God, a rationed supply of beef jerky, and the game that he played on his cellphone to keep his wits. David Heatherly stated that his sports-utility vehicle became stuck Sunday afternoon on a… Read More

Hidden Treasure: Survival Storage

Cache (Kash), noun 1. A hidden store of provisions, weapons, treasure, etc. 2. The place where such a store is hidden. In my 26 years of public service, I’ve noticed that most “victims” had little clue they were going to be involved in a life-changing event. Whether an… Read More