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Batch Reloading: Time is Money

Final step is seating the bullet into the case. In the beginning, there was Bullseye pistol shooting, and it was good. Then came High Power Rifle shooting, and that too was good. And then PPC (also known throughout the land as Position Bullseye shooting), and Handgun Silhouette, and… Read More

The Loading Bench: Ammo Handloading Primer

Quality powder measure, such as this RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure, is a must. The high price and limited availability of ammunition remain concerns to all shooters. You can get ahead of the game by rolling your own. I received a basic reloading setup as a Christmas gift… Read More

Free Bullets: From .22 To .223

In the prior two issues we covered conversion kits that enabled the .22 Long Rifle (LR) cartridge to be fired in firearms designed for larger cartridges. If you believe—like I do—that the .22 LR round is an economical way to practice, your local range is probably littered with the small… Read More

Offbeat: Do-It-Yourself Brass Separator

Much to my wife’s chagrin, I rarely throw anything away. The reason (excuse?) is, “I’ll find a use for that later.” I attribute this to being the son of a man who grew up during the Great Depression, when anything that could possibly be used was saved. Then again, maybe… Read More