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Offbeat: Magpul’s Original Equipment Line

One nice thing about AR-type rifles is that owners can customize them to their own wants/needs. No other weapon—except possibly the 1911 pistol—has so many aftermarket parts available for it. Some of these accessories are worthwhile, some marginally so, and some worthless for a fighting rifle. The best have… Read More

Cutting Edge: Extrema Ratio Ultramarine Diver’s Knife

One indicator of the high quality and functionality of a knife is the number of special operations units around the world that use them. An Italian company called Extrema Ratio offers a very well-designed knife for special operations, even to include special ops helicopter pilots. One type of special… Read More

Lawful Carry: Sidearmor Kydex Holsters

Like many of you with significant time behind the trigger, I have a large cardboard box at home labeled “Holsters.” Inside are a variety of configurations from various recognizable manufacturers as well as some lesser-known offerings. It seems I consistently discover features I like and, more pressingly, features I dislike… Read More

The Cutting Edge: Benchmade AFO II Automatic

The first automatic knife I ever owned was in junior high school and was carried during my Rebel Without a Cause phase. The one that I remember best from back in the day, however, is one I took off a local troublemaker at the popular “Lover’s Lane” in my college… Read More

Dress for Success: Considerations For Concealed Carry

How you carry a concealed weapon and the clothing you wear are just as important as any other tactical consideration. For the armed professional, duty clothing is normally mandated, but what about when you carry off-duty or undercover? You don’t want to dress in a way that announces that… Read More

Lawful Carry: Safariland 6280 Holster

There are a couple of sayings I remember from when I was young: “Dress to impress” and “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” As a young boy I can remember watching my dad take off his gun belt with all the necessary accoutrements—holster, magazine… Read More

Sure Thing Conversion: TAPCO Fusion Stock for 10/22

Like many of us, I had a Ruger 10/22 sitting in my safe gathering dust. And lately, like everyone else on the shooting planet, I have seen ammo prices drastically cut into my available training budget. After seeing the TAPCO Fusion stock, an idea slowly formed. One call to Midway… Read More

Lawful Carry: Bianchi Model 105 Minimalist

The ability to carry a weapon every day for self-defense is one of our inalienable rights. It is also a huge responsibility. Carrying a firearm concealed gives a private citizen or off-duty officer a tactical advantage. I can’t think of many pros to open carry. Some say a… Read More

Painting Your Piece: For Practical or Personal Reasons

There was a time when painting a firearm was considered heresy. I remember the strange looks I received from my fellow deputy sheriffs when they saw my Mini-14/GB painted tan with splashes of gray and OD. That was a long time ago, and now it is not unusual to… Read More

Red Dot Contingency Testing: Pre-Fight Solutions

Red dot sights are a tremendous aid in getting fast hits. They’re gaining in popularity and credibility with each passing week, as more are successfully used in both combat and serious training. Use of the sights has allowed trainers to embrace techniques that take advantage of their unlimited eye relief… Read More