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Street Smarts: Night Time Is The Right Time

Ray Charles had it right when he sang, “Night time is the right time…” Unfortunately, outside the world of rhythm and blues music, nighttime is indeed the right time: the time for trouble, assault and a significant portion of man’s inhumanity to man. The topic for this month’s column… Read More

Lawful Carry: Bianchi Model 84 Snaplok Holster

As has been said many times before, the first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun. I am not going to preach what is the best gun for the job, because everyone has their own thoughts on the subject. The simple truth is that the best gun for a… Read More

Offbeat: BlackHawk Light Assault Boots

As any front line soldier knows, if you have jungle rot, corns, bunions or athlete’s foot, you aren’t going anywhere. Which means if you’re going to be marching, hiking or merely spending much of your time on your feet, you’d better have comfortable shoes or boots. Read More

Against All Odds: The Firebed

The temperature was starting to drop as I spotted my makeshift rock shelter on the side of the Sultanagac Dagi Mountain of north central Turkey. This nasty mountain area was going to be the site of our weeklong survival training exercise with Turkish troops. It wasn’t my idea to be there. Read More

AR-15 Kits: Do’s And Don’ts Of Building Your Own AR

It’s no secret that the AR is the most customizable rifle on the planet. You can look at the rifle rack at any range and see twenty ARs each of which is different in its own way. Until now, you’ve bought your ARs complete (or maybe this is your first AR) and tailored them to your liking. Read More

Offbeat: Eagle Industries Drag Bag

It didn’t take me long on my first day of rifle school to realize I needed a drag bag. The big, heavy, plastic case I brought protected my rifle great in a vehicle, but was not practical on the range or in the field. Don’t get me wrong—I think… Read More

A Training Quandry: Picking An Instructor Out Of The Hype

These instructors are demonstrating how a single-point sling can be used to choke. Each of these particular individuals has an extensive martial-arts background and fully understands the dynamics of this technique. How many times do you think either of them has choked an adversary with a single-point sling… Read More

Fighting Positions for Combat

The patrol car races down the street towards the two stalled vehicles. The three SWAT officers, responding to the North Hollywood bank robbery, are several blocks from the bank and believe they are approaching an injured citizen. In reality they are heading directly at one of the threats, Emil Matasarenu,… Read More