November 2010

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Training and Tactics: Twenty-One Feet Is Not Enough

There are two definitions of feet. One is the plural form of an ambulatory organ; the other is a measure of distance. And in a typical physical-force confrontation, you need both to win. Without utilizing the former, you can’t strategically gain the latter. Unfortunately, circumstances often dictate that you can’t… Read More

From Concept to Reality: AK Scout Rifle

The rising tide of AK-47 popularity in the United States is hard to refute and not likely to wane any time soon. Factors such as an effective cartridge available in bulk, combined with reasonably priced, utterly reliable rifles that have sturdy and economical high-capacity magazines are hard to argue… Read More

Tombstone Wisdom: EAG Tactical Level Two Handgun

“I must be a bad instructor! Here it is 1422 hours on the second day and apparently I haven’t covered how to make ready.” That’s Pat Rogers channeling Don Rickles to make a point by employing humor and sarcasm. This makes Pat’s corrections entertaining and, more importantly, memorable, particularly… Read More

Stylish But Serious: Kimber Super Carry Pro

The Model 1911 pistol will officially turn 100 years old on May 5, 2011. (For those who would nitpick, yes, I realize that John Moses Browning’s design actually predates 1911 by several years, including the Model 1910, which was the final prototype for the Model 1911.) Kimber… Read More

Offbeat: Kimber PepperBlaster II

When it comes to OC (oleoresin capsicum) delivery systems for personal defense, the Kimber PepperBlaster® is in a league of its own. Its compact ergonomic design, patented pyrotechnic propulsion system, and ultra-hot OC formulation make the PepperBlaster the ideal non-lethal tool for everyday carry. The unique pyrotechnic power drive… Read More

Street Smarts: Unarmed But Still Dangerous

We’re constantly preaching the old adage, “the first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun.” It’s great advice and something that we constantly harp on to our friends, family, co-workers and random nearby strangers. Having a gun doesn’t automatically guarantee success during lethal confrontations, but it’s a damn… Read More