If you, like myself, have ever had the opportunity to clear a dark attic in search of a bad guy, it probably rates in the top ten things you dislike.

Simply climbing the ladder to the opening of the attic is bad enough, as the suspect knows exactly where you are, and drywall is not exactly well known for stopping bullets. Once the opening is reached, you must then stick your brain-housing group into the dark space to look for the subject. Or do you?

SWATSCOPE comes complete with aluminum hard case and flashlight adapter.


Recently I received a product called the SWATSCOPE® for test and evaluation. Available from SecurityPro USA, this handheld periscope is an excellent piece of kit. Manufactured from high quality aluminum (with the exception of the eyepiece housing and handle) with highly polished glass prisms and lens, the SWATSCOPE allows an individual to remain under concealment, if not cover, while searching an area.

Already encumbered with other gear, those who might need the SWATSCOPE will appreciate the fact that it weighs just over a pound (18.6 ounces), and is relatively short (21.25 inches) with the unit retracted and the removable handle in place. A steel belt loop attaches between the body of the periscope and the handle.

SWATSCOPE shown fully extended with SureFire G2 Nitrolon in place.

The device has a fully adjustable eyepiece with a fold-down rubber cup for use with glasses. It also features variable power of 4X to 9X.

For instances where the retracted length is not enough, the SWATSCOPE can be extended an additional 5-1/2-inches via a sliding bar. A thumbscrew keeps the bar in place.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned a dark attic. The SWATSCOPE comes complete with a flashlight attachment that will work with a flashlight up to one-inch in diameter. To attach the flashlight, a spring-loaded pin is pulled out, and the attachment fits into a dovetail on the extension bar. When properly indexed, the pin fits into a corresponding hole in the bar, keeping the light securely in place.

Metal clip and adjustable eyepiece. Device has variable 4-9X power.

I tested the SWATSCOPE in daylight and darkness. In darkness, I used a SureFire G2™ Nitrolon® and an E2D Executive Defender®. Despite the difference in diameters, both worked well in the flashlight attachment.

I only have two minor gripes with the SWATSCOPE.. First, the eyepiece must be refocused every time the power is turned up and then back down. And, considering the rigors of a tactical environment, rubber caps to protect the optics would be a worthwhile feature to include, although the SWATSCOPE does come in a hard sided aluminum case to protect it while being transported.

Flashlight attachment in place. Screw on left is spring-loaded to hold attachment to periscope. Screw on right adjusts unit for flashlights up to one-inch in diameter.

I think the SWATSCOPE is a useful tool to look over, around and under areas where a suspect may be hiding while keeping a good guy out of direct view. With a suggested retail of $350.00, it is not inexpensive, but it’s cheap insurance to keep a user from getting a bullet in the head.


SecurityPro USA
Dept. S.W.A.T.
2331 Westwood Blvd, Suite 222
Los Angeles CA 90064
(800) 264-8273

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