Bullets engineered to perform through a wide variety of barriers can make a difference.

Step Outside

It was almost midnight on a Wednesday in January when a masked man entered a Winchester, Virginia convenience store brandishing a gun and announcing a holdup. The clerk handed over the money, but that didn’t satisfy the robber, and he ordered the clerk outside at gunpoint.

As the clerk exited the store, she took advantage of the stickup man’s divided attention and produced her own handgun, opening fire. The robber was hit multiple times and later transported to the hospital, where his wounds were operated on. The clerk was uninjured, and the robber faces charges of armed robbery, abduction, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and wearing a mask in public.

SOURCE: WHAG-TV, Hagerstown, Maryland, 1/26/17

Deterrent Failure

The small corner liquor store in Paterson, New Jersey had no fewer than 29 surveillance cameras, as well as three large TV monitors prominently displayed in the store, so there was no doubt in the minds of shoppers that they were being recorded. But this didn’t deter two men in ski masks who burst in on a January evening. While the second man kept his hands in the pockets of his hoodie, the leader of the pair stuck a gun across the counter and in the face of the store owner’s brother.

But the store owner wasn’t counting on just the cameras to protect his business and employees. He drew a concealed subcompact 9mm and fired at the attackers, who promptly reversed course and ran back out the door. The store owner followed, but did not pursue, and returned inside to wait for the police. The robbers had not been identified or apprehended at the time of this writing.

SOURCE: News 12 New Jersey, Edison, New Jersey, 1/20/17

Wrong Car

Two shadowy figures approached a car in the parking lot of The Grove Bar & Eatery in Beech Grove, Indiana just past midnight on a Saturday morning early in January. Stepping up to the driver’s side of the car, the shorter of the two figures produced a gun and demanded the driver give him everything he had. The driver protested he only had a phone, to which the robber replied, “Give us that.”

The occupants of the car were a mother and son who had been hired to work security for the bar and, instead of handing over his phone, the car’s driver produced his own gun and fired on the robbers, killing them both. The older of the two robbers was 29 and had previous convictions. Police would not reveal the name of the younger of the slain attackers, the one who had brandished the gun. He was 14 years old.

SOURCE: Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1/7/17

Rough Neighborhood

Residents were not surprised to hear the news when a home invasion happened in a south Indianapolis apartment complex. The woman whose apartment was broken into told reporters she’d been petitioning management to install security cameras in the building. Instead, on a Monday afternoon while she was at work, multiple men kicked her door in and encountered her boyfriend.

The boyfriend and at least one of the invaders exchanged gunshots. Both were struck and injured. Neighbors reported seeing three men flee the scene, but it is unknown if all were involved in the home invasion. Both the boyfriend and the wounded intruder were transported to a local hospital for treatment.

SOURCE: WRTV, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2/7/17

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