Shootability” and magazine capacity of a duty-size auto, like this FN 509, can provide an added cushion of capability in multiple-assailant attacks.

Shootability” and magazine capacity of a duty-size auto, like this FN 509, can provide an added cushion of capability in multiple-assailant attacks.


It was nearly midnight on a Sunday at the Crownsville, Maryland pizza parlor when the first masked man burst in, pointing a handgun at the owner. As he was demanding money, two more masked accomplices followed him in, likewise brandishing guns. Faced with three drawn guns, the restaurant owner complied, handing over not only the cash register contents, but also his necklace and cell phone.

At that point, the robbers turned and headed for the exit. But rather than making a clean getaway, one of the intruders turned and fired a shot at the restaurateur. Their victim hadn’t been standing idle, however, and he returned fire with the shotgun he kept behind the counter for defense and which he had retrieved. The robbers fled at that point. Police searched with K-9 units, but no suspects were caught. The shop owner’s gun was legally owned, and police told media he acted in legitimate self-defense.

SOURCE: WBAL-TV, Baltimore, Maryland, 6/5/17


As a man was preparing to unlock his car, which he’d parked on a southwest Chicago street, a pair of strangers approached him. Despite it being almost noon on a weekday, the pair announced they were there to take his car. Rather than handing over his keys, the intended victim turned the tables by drawing his own handgun and firing.

One of the would-be carjackers was struck in the leg and collapsed, while the other ran off and was apprehended by police. The injured robber was taken to a local hospital, and a firearm was recovered from the scene. The intended victim was licensed by the state of Illinois to carry a concealed firearm.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, 5/10/17


A Kenner, Louisiana man drove to nearby Marrero for a face-to-face meeting with a man he’d met online. He was interested in buying a handgun from the Marrero man and had arranged to complete the transaction someplace that felt safe: a store parking lot in broad daylight on a Wednesday afternoon. He parked his car, the would-be gun seller climbed into the passenger seat and shut the door, and that’s when things went south.

Instead of offering the handgun for sale, the “seller” pointed it at the driver and demanded both the money and a firearm the buyer was carrying. Rather than handing over his money and his gun, the victim drew and fired at his assailant, striking him fatally. The thwarted Internet robber exited the vehicle but collapsed in the parking lot, where first responders were unable to revive him. The victim’s testimony was corroborated by Internet evidence, and he was not charged.

SOURCE: The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana, 6/1/17


Security-camera footage captured the moment when a masked and hooded gunman barged into Smoke Plus in Fairfield, California. Holding a pistol aggressively in front of him, he proceeded straight to the counter by the register in the rear of the store. He vaulted the counter, threatened the two employees behind it, and began stuffing cash into his pockets.

As he turned and moved to gather more loot, one of the employees he’d previously been roughing up straightened and drew a pistol. The employee let loose several shots, wounding the robber, who was taken into police custody by responding units. The holdup weapon turned out to be a realistic-looking BB gun. Fairfield police spokesmen told media the clerk did not face any charges, as he reasonably feared for his safety and that of his coworker.

SOURCE: KTXL-TV, Sacramento, California, 5/15/17

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