A long gun can be an effective tool when defending your home.

False Flag Attack

A father and son from Grand Rapids, Michigan drove down to the nearby city of Battle Creek to look at a car for sale in a Craigslist advertisement. When they arrived at the meeting place they’d agreed to online, instead of finding the automotive deal they were expecting, they were instead ambushed by three attackers who’d set up the fake ad as a lure.

In the face of this surprise assault, the son drew a concealed revolver and opened fire on the ambushers. Though all three attackers fled, police found two within blocks, each of whom had been hit once in the chest. These two attackers were arrested and taken to the hospital, while police looked for the third fugitive.

SOURCE: USA Today, 10/6/15

Scattered, Smothered, & Covered

On an October morning, the pre-dawn breakfast ritual at a Charleston, South Carolina Waffle House was interrupted by an armed robber who burst in waving a gun and demanding the money from the till. This was too much for one patron, who happened to be carrying a concealed handgun.

While the robber’s attention was directed toward the cash register, the customer drew his weapon and opened fire, hitting the robber. Police were called and the holdup man was taken to the hospital, where he died of his wounds. Regarding the armed patron, one Waffle House employee told reporters, “He saved us, that’s what he did.”

SOURCE: The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina, 10/10/15

Late-Night Holdup

A Houston, Texas man was walking down the sidewalk just after midnight when his stroll was interrupted by a pair of would-be robbers. The crooks, however, had made a crucial error in the victim-selection process.

Their intended target was licensed by the state of Texas to carry a concealed firearm, and he produced it and turned the tables on his attackers. His defensive fire hit both of his assailants, killing one and wounding the other. The wounded suspect was treated at a hospital. No word as of this writing on what charges will be filed.

SOURCE: KTRK-TV, Houston, Texas, 10/09/15

Behind Closed Doors

Fort Wayne, Indiana police responded to reports of a home invasion and shooting just after 0600 hours on a Monday in October. The caller reported that two armed intruders had forced entry into their upstairs apartment and the three adult residents had attempted to seek shelter by barricading themselves in a back bedroom.

One of the attackers, armed with a shotgun, had fired a blast through the closed door, nearly hitting the resident who had been trying to hold it closed against the intruders. At this point the man who had been holding the door grabbed a firearm of his own and loosed a fusillade at the two intruders as they forced their way into the bedroom. One attacker collapsed on the spot and was later transported to a hospital in critical condition, while the other fled and is being sought by police.

SOURCE: Frost Illustrated, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 10/19/15

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